Map data stuff

Documentation for anything I figure out can be found here.

I’ve done some digging around into how the game processes the map; from a rudimentary inspection it looks like it does things the same way across all three games (which makes sense). The only thing I’ve really made any progress on thus far is tilesets (I’m working on understanding the LZ77 format so I can make a real tileset inserter) and how those are done.

[quote]Chapter Data Editor Map Properties -

“Object Set” - Pointer to bitmap of tile graphics
“Object Set 2” - ‘’
“Tile Configuration” - Pointer to LZ77-compressed terrain data (see below)
“Palette” - Self-explanatory

Probably should change these labels. Additionally, “Event Pointer Table”
would be more accurate as “Chapter Data Reference Table”.

Terrain data -

Uncompressed, it takes the form of a series of terrain indexes that
correspond to each tile of the tileset. This data is uncompressed to
0203:2A90 when the chapter is loaded and never again.

Terrain indexes:

0 - “–”
1 - Plains
2 - Road
3 - Village
etc (documented in “Terrain Editor.nmm”)

I’ll update as I look more into things like the unit map and others.

sticks this here's%20Doc/Media/Games/Reverse%20Engineering/Console/NGBA/Fire%20Emblem/Game%20Doc/7%20-%20Blazing%20Sword/Map%20Data/folDIR.html

that’s been my reference, actually

i’m hoping to make it possible to do some kind of ghost unit thing (where an enemy is in two places at once or something) by screwing with the unit map (probably by forcing it to update state at a weird time)

why? “because this is a thing we can do”