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Due to personal reasons, this will be open for one more day; see if we can get some more before that point!


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Round 5: Abandoned Ruins

“Abandoned Ruins” could be an interesting theme. There should be enough scope for a variety of tile-sets.
Mappers could easily take it down the route of a destroyed town, an abandoned fort, an ancient temple or even a sinking ship. Fun for all the family.[/quote]
-Size should be somewhere between… 15x15 and 25x25
-Due Date: 2 Weeks; October 26th, 2018


I think I’m gonna wait and not be top batter for this, might help with my losing streak.


Sounds like something a first batter would say.


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Here’s our second
Appears we’ve slowed down a bit


Only 2 days left… and 2 entries
Should I consider an extension or is the prompt proving difficult?


Apparently I can’t count; it was 3 entries…

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There were 3 when I said there were 2

But no one knew that because I forgot to post 3

Regardless we’re at 5 now


Last entry; I’ve been busy sorry all.


Round 6: Castle Time

2 weeks: November 17th 2018




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