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Lucky number 7!


We’re down to the last day; if you’re working on an entry, be sure to finish up!


Might have forgotten to close this :sweat_smile: Round 2 voting will be up!


Here is the tileset I used; the steering wheel with the red bg is in case I wanted to put it on a different tile. It’s not really done, there are parts I don’t like, but this is the current progress.


That’s awesome, congrats Skitty! Is this free to use if we give you credit? In that case, don’t you need a config file as well to insert this via FEBuilder?


It’s not really insert-able in it’s current state I’d think; but if someone provided me with what the image file needs to look like and anything else required, I should be able to adhere the stuff I did to that. I don’t know the ins and outs of FEBuilder sadly lol

And yeah, free to use.


No idea either, to be honest. I hope someone can help because that map looks sick. :smiley:
Maybe we can just ask @7743 what is needed to insert a new tileset via FEBuilder.


It is impossible with this image alone.
It is because there is no information “What is the terrain of the tile?”
Tile config data is required.
(Tile config is the data that determines whether the tile is a floor, a wall, or a village , or etc.)

If there is a ROM on which the map actually work, you can extract the necessary information from it.
Please open that ROM with FEBuilderGBA and export tile config and tile set image from Map Style Editor.

I want to explain a little more.
Tiles other than the tile on the upper left are painted with black or red in a single color can not pass.
It is because it is set to Tile Config as a tile that can not pass.

Suppose, for example, we write a picture of a floor on a wall tile.
Although it looks as floor, it can not be passed because it is registered as a wall by Tile Config data.

We have to edit the Tile Config data and register it as floor again.


As promised, here is round 3


that sounds like a noice idea for a map :ok_hand:


Aw, I already used my great wall idea…


As long as it isn’t the same exact map, I don’t see why you can’t do a similar concept.

… Although, it might be obvious that the entry is yours. But, that’s up to you.


Speedy mappers out here!
Not only one, but two submissions already!


Entry #3

Appears we’ve slowed a bit!
7 days remain


Entry #4
Keep it going!


OK my brain is struggling to comprehend what’s happening in this map


I believe the height errors(bottom right area) are probably the culprit, but the concept seems fairly solid to me.


We have 5

And we have 6



OOoooo, I like that idea for bridges.


We’re at 7!