Map Contest


Yes this thing again. Hopefully this one lasts a bit longer than the last one did.

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Anyway, the basic rules:
-Make a new map that adheres to the basic guidelines of the contest round(IE don’t just dig up an old one you made please)
-Do not use any tileset outside of the one provided (depends on the round requirements though)
-Don’t just use a computer-generated map (although I can’t always tell if anyone used one, but for the sake of the craft I guess don’t?)
-PM your map submissions directly to @MISTER_MAPS
-Idk drink a Snapple

Feel free to use this topic to discuss ideas, ask questions, etc, but please refrain from actually posting a submission; I will be doing that in a voting topic once the due date is met.

Map Creator - One of the easiest to use programs for making maps. I believe the download includes all of the GBA tilesets right from the start

Current Round:

Round 7: The Final Countdown

-Due Date: 2 Weeks; December 13th, 2018


can I post multiple maps, or only one?


Just one map will be posted per person per round, but you can re-send your round’s submission as much as you want before the due date.


ok thanks.


Interested to see what people submit. I can let you know if I see a map I feel is genned.


Here’s the map, although the for some reason I can’t upload the file.
here’s proof


you’re supposed to pm it.
Also, you can upload the map file(probably tmx i’m gonna assume) to dropbos/any uploader and link it here. alternatively, just export your map as an image using tiled.

also, ngl that doesn’t look like much of a beach


It also looks somewhat genned


I don’t know how I can be more clear ._.

You have literally neither in the map…

As for what to submit, a x1 zoom image of the map (.png, etc)


it isn’t.

ok fine, I’m gonna make another map later then.


First official submission is in.


Nickt already won. (lol) (nickt made that right?, looks like it.)


That’s a really good cutscene map. Don’t know how it would work as a playable map with all the empty space.


Nope, what makes you think it’s mine?


(Idk I thought I saw it somewhere in your thread, was I wrong? :thinking:) I̶’̶m̶ ̶s̶t̶u̶p̶i̶d̶


That’s not really the point of the contest; it’s purely the art of making maps, not gameplay applications.

3 more entries :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


I really like that 3rd one

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By any tileset, do you mean any vanilla tileset, or are we allowed to use custom tilesets too?

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Any does mean any, so custom is fine.

Another entry!


I come with gifts!

7 entries, I’m so happy :cry:

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