Many-Emblem v.0.1


Hello there! :wave:

You might recognize me from a few posts from some topics, but anyways, I was pretty nervous about posting my project here for the first time as this is technically my first hack and I felt like it needed some exposure somewhat so here I am typing this post. This is a hack of FE8 made with FEBuilder (props to 7743 for the tool :ok_hand: )


So what is this about?
Glad you asked, this hack’s more of a tribute to an indie sandbox game I used to play called Manyland. Users that I’ve met along the way will be featured in this game in a hilarious awkward story for the sake of it. There might be in-jokes or references you might not care for
or understand, and that’s totally fine.

Ok, but what about the actual story itself?
So, once upon a time there were dozens of internet clans fighting in each other in a giant land mass called Manyland. The whole landscape is governed by a man by the name of Philipp Lenssen alongside his council of 12 admin. They didn’t really care about all the clan nonsense running amok the land and carried on with their usual tasks of monitoring ML. However, there were 2 clans in particular that were mainstream focused, Digital Bandits (they’re not actual brigands anyways) and Warrior Flame. Their relations were pretty tense at the time, and they were about to be more so, after fellow lord of D.B Lord Alex did something indescribable that angered W.F’s king, Zenera Flame. What happens next will be explained in-game, but it’s not like I intended to write a serious story

What this hack features (so far)

  • SkillsSystem 2019 (7/8)

  • MMB (Modular Minimug Box)

  • Various animations from the Animation Repository

  • Custom SFX for battle animations to replace the fuzzy ugly ones (in my opinion)

  • References to shows, movies, and ML itself

  • (Correct me if I’m wrong on this) About 16 playable characters in this version

  • Some new weapons (Cannonball, etc.)

  • 3 chapters in total (27 planned), (Note: 3rd chapter does not have an ending event yet and some talk and village events need to be implemented) There is a 4th chapter being developed, but it’s unfinished.

  • Custom music from an array of sources

  • Cringe Comedy

  • New text fonts for both menu and speech

I’m looking forward to improve, so constructive feedback is something I welcome.



Download here

Things to note

Since this hack is a very WIP, portraits are obviously not completed for every character yet so expect placeholder mugs.

  • I could use some help in the spriting department (portraits especially) so in case you’re interested with helping this project you can DM me on Discord (Kris K#9059). I plan on creating a project server as well so stay tuned for that.

  • As I mentioned earlier, this is my first hack overall so it may not be completely perfect.

  • I thank all creators of the various community resources that were in a variety of repositories especially the map and animation department.

  • I haven’t necessarily removed all the battle floors yet or changed that many battle backgrounds, but I’m on it.

  • Unit palettes are not finished


Please report any bugs or glitches to me on Discord or on here.


I have a lot of questions.

First and foremost: WHAT.


so uh
anyone wanna explain why this work of beauty wasn’t at fee3 2019?


I wasn’t involved in development (I didn’t even know the hack existed until today), but I can answer your question.



This-- okay-- is the best hack I have ever laid eyes on. The sheer quality that it shows proves to me that it was designed meticulously for years before being published to the public. You sir, are the greatest man to ever make a hack. Time to move over Blazer. Staff of Ages, you’ve been dethroned. It is time-- for MANY EMBLEM!!!



holy crap i might even stop my tlp addiction for this godlike hack

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okay i love this

big true

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the only thing that could possibly make this better would be having comic sans as the font. then this masterpiece would ascend to godhood


Are the fonts and MMB deliberately supposed to be bad?


It’s not that I intentionally made the dialogue font horrid, it was more of an aesthetic change. I thought the Verdana font would look somewhat appealing and make it stand out more, but looks like I was wrong big time. However, with help from @flasuban’s font pack, the issue’s been fixed. I’ll update the OP download link soon. But to me, MS Gothic doesn’t look too bad on the menu fonts, so those might stay as is.


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Ok, this is epic.

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Nice try, kid, but you’ll never dethrone the GOAT hack: Gheb Saga. You can try, but you’ll only embarrass yourself in the end. :sunglasses:


Note: I am not OP. I am a long-time lurker who has gotten frustrated at the general carelessness the FE community displays.

Some of these comments are unnecessarily goading and insulting. The sarcasm is juvenile and disrespectful.

This person put work into a hack. The hack is niche, it’s partially surrounding inside jokes and personal experience. But they have submitted their work for the community to play. Replying with notes on why story items don’t work well, or why unit balance in chapter X could be improved, or why a mechanic may need revision, is generally welcome.

But to denigrate and trivialize someone’s work in a misguided effort to be edgy and humorous, is part of why this community (and the FE community at large) has an incessant reputation for toxicity.

I’m replying here, but it’s certainly not limited to this thread. As it’s been said a million times: no one here is claiming to be a pro game dev. They are putting tens or hundreds of hours of work into recreation so that we have a near-constant stream of original content to play.

And for all you know, this hack may offer gameplay that you enjoy very much. To write it off immediately because it doesn’t fit your standards of what a hack should be, is a disservice to yourself, the hacker, and the community.


Well said. There are a few users I know who are unwilling to show their faces on FEU after the community’s turned them and their hacks into a laughingstock. It’s ridiculous.


I mean even if people intentionally or subtly shit on this project anyway. At the end of the day I have something that I’m proud of making even if it’s vulgar or albeit dumb. It’s ok for people to dislike the hack, that’s fine. This hack wasn’t meant to be for everyone. I just felt like sharing it so it could shed some light as most of my friends aren’t really that interested in FE. I’m not accusing anyone of being a hater or whatever, I simply wanted to have fun hacking.


Not gonna lie, sometimes I was genuinely kinda scared of showing my project here (and FEE3) because of this.

That said, I’m all for meme hacks and legit this looks pretty good, at least for me.


I think I could’ve come off as a bit rude (could’ve more like definitely did). I’m really sorry about that Krisk :C

(though you totally should submit this to fee3 2020, it’s definitely got a much more interesting aesthetic than most meme hacks)


I’ll admit I didn’t get very far due to the vulgarity and in-jokes. Ended up stopping at the start of Ch.2 (just not my cup of tea).

Pros: +some of the mugs are pretty nice, especially the little blocky face people. Props for changing up the UI graphics as well.
+smash SFX and battle tracks were well placed/chosen. watching battles was fun
+you’ve got a unique style for sure

Cons: -Pierre died in HIV Outbreak but he came back to talk like nothing happened in Ch.2, nor did his deathquote indicate he had plotarmor
-I’m not sure what to follow, plotwise, and I didn’t have any real sense of having gone anywhere or a sense of consequence once I finished a map.

Even so, keep doing what you like doing. I’d be interested to see how you progress.


To be fair this entire hack is denigrating and trivializing of people in a misguided effort to be edgy and humorous. I don’t know if you’ve actually played it? I’m glad the font is updated so I can properly read the n bombs, hentai and transgender jokes.

To be real, someone’s project and people’s responses to it both deserve to be respected. If that project is a meme hack, there’s no reason people shouldn’t respond in turn. I actually enjoyed this hack despite some of its flaws and already gave some of my feedback to Krisk. Hack for yourself man, keep it up.