Manakete animation audio messed up

So, I imported the FE6 fire dragon animations into FE8 for a hack that I’m working on (specifically, the one that works with FE8 from the repository). And the animation itself works just fine. But the sounds for all 3 animations (transform, battle, and revert) are messed up. Most notably, the critical hit plays the brigand’s crit sound.

I don’t know really well how to edit animations. So if someone knows how I can edit the sound, please let me know

I only know how to edit animations using FEBuilder, so I’ll do my best to explain with that. To edit an animation, you need to get to this screen and click on the ‘Editor’ that I highlighted.

Next, you’ll need be brought to the screen below. Each animation is split up into different sections. Melee, Melee Critical, Ranged, Ranged Critical, Dodge animations, etc.

You’ll want to scroll down until you find this line of code that plays the brigand crit sound. For reference, you should check out the standard FE8 manakete sounds and just replace the brigand sound with one that you like better. Just make sure to create a backup and test it in case anything goes wrong!

As a side note, you can also change certain other effects like whether the screen flashes or shakes upon a hit. In fact, I think the animation has too many effects like 1A (Normal Hit). This is the effect that causes white lines to fly out diagonally when you attack an enemy. 1F also plays an extra hit sound that you may not want.

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Thanks. I’ll try it