Male Fliers?

So looking through the F2U Sprite Repository, I noticed a few things:

  1. There’s no Male Falcoknight sprite
  2. There’s no Griffon Rider map sprites
  3. The Arbalist (which I’m assuming is a promo for Griffon Rider?) has only lances and bows, but none of the Griffon Rider folders have lance animations.

This combination of a few of these factors means that if I want to use a male Pegasus Knight, his promo needs to change his mount, or just use the female Falcoknight animations. If I want him to be a Griffon Rider, he will either need to change weapons on promo or use exclusively bows in his base class, and his base class will need to be Arbalist so that his promo can use axes or swords, seeing as there’s no lance Griffon Rider sprite.

My request, in essence, is- could someone make a Griffon Rider lance sprite (and a Griffon Rider/Arbalist map sprite), or a male Falcoknight edit? I’d like it to be added to the repository so no one runs into this issue again. If not, it’s not a big deal, I know animations are a pain to modify and even more of a pain to make. I’m not against commissioning for it, but if I did commission, I probably would expect more than an edit, and it likely wouldn’t end up in the repository.

There are actually griffon knight mapsprites on the repo.
Here’s the link where they’re contained.

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Awesome, thanks

This brings up a question oh why not use a male with long hair for a falcoknight? Also there is Pegasus and wyverns flying around, I think it’s fine for a promotion to change mounts. So you don’t need a Lance griffon

The character in question is supposed to have a special connection with their mount, so I don’t want them to switch. And the character has long hair, but the hair isn’t the only thing that makes the battle sprite look female? I did say, if need be, I’m not against just using the female sprite, but it does look feminine and I’d prefer not to use a feminine sprite for a masculine character.

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