Making weapons exclusive to one class and the untradable items to not put in supply

If i may request it. Excuse me if i asked for too much, but anyway…

Things like weapons that only can be used for a specific class like the ballista weapon only for ballistacians. Those are tradeable but can only be used for ballistacians. Maybe new weapon type, even then, the specific class needs to be the only ones that can use the weapon.

Another thing if it could be done if the specific items that cannot be worn off it’s unit. Like making a rotten claw remaining on it’s user and unable to trade, putting in supply, full unit storage, ect. but the rest of the items can be removed away. And, if it’s possible, to have it automatically change the weapon upon level up or promotion?

For the class-specific weapons you can just use regular weapon locks, the same way some weapons are for a character only, just give the lock to the weapon and the ability to use it to the class, character and class abilities are the exact same.

The other two things are doable but require ASM, unless someone feels like making them you are going to have to learn how to do that yourself.

There’s a WIP tutorial here:

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Oh, how come i didn’t think of that lock thing? Thanks a lot!