Make hack directly from fireemblem8u decomp source code

In the past, the way to hacking rom is usually to jump from the original ASM code through the branch & jumpToHack instructions to realize new functions.

With the progress of the decomp work, it is possible to directly hack the source code. The following are my latest attempt:

Repo at here

Features implemented for now:

  • Skill-Tester
  • Modular Status Getter
  • Pre-Battle Calc
  • Stat-Screen with growth-based status text palette
  • Skills icon & rText display

Based on source code, it is possible to easily implement new features which may be complex in the past, for example, adding new members directly to the unit struct, such as skills or magic power.

It needs to be admitted that the current revision work is still relatively rough. For example, there are no separate folders for the different functions, and there is no way to automatically create an enum for texts msg index, and lack of .config, etc.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the decomp project.


I’m relatively new at decomp. I actually don’t have all the programs needed to work in decomp yet cause my country deals like the access to internet. But i am very interested on decomp. Seeing a FE decomp project makes me feel to exciting to work with. I hope you can improve even more this to make real good games in the future. Greetings

I’m very excited about this, I tried using @MisakaMikoto’s remove_tools version with Docker and… where is my output rom “fireemblem8.gba”?

It’s in the docker container. Use docker cp to copy it. Read this doc to learn more.

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Maybe you could pull the log here. Then we may find where the error exist.

Thank you, now I can get into the next generation of hacking.

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