Make a midi file

Sorry to bother but someone is interested in making the boss theme from smt strange journey as a midi file? You can use the next video as a reference, it only needs the drums though.

I really like this song and I would like to insert it in fire emblem later, also I think that can be a good fit as a map bgm for a big boss and it has a very classical vibes also that can really fits fire emblem ( in contrast to some another shin megami tensei that is more rock and sounds “more modern”? )
Greetings :slight_smile:

As a rule of thumb, if there’s a song you really, really would like to have in your hack but no midi exists of it (or you just couldn’t find one or rip it from the source) your best bet would be to simply find another song that has one available.

Even with the piano at the bottom it’s pretty tedious and boring work; there are few musically inclined folks around these parts, and even fewer who are willing to take on a transcription.

That being said, the video in question has a link to the Musescore page in the description and you can just download it from there (albeit, last I checked Musescore has hoops you need to jump through nowadays).

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Well the user doesnt have the midi or the sheet at musescore but i will try to message it at musescore anyway ( however i would have to write in japanese most probably 0-0 ) I dont think that it would come something from it but I will try anyway