Magic enemies freeze the game

I’m playing a ROM of FE6 that I’ve modified with FEBuilder quite a bit. Today I was playing through chapter 18 Ilia and the game froze every time I tried to attack a priest. In the next chapter, the same thing happens when I try to attack to a druid or a troubadour. Every character disappears from the map and the game freezes on the grid with red squares (showing where you can attack).


Did you check if the spell animation or the priest animation has the correct script ?

well given what you’ve told us

notoriously buggy game, even unmodded, however

modifications that you haven’t specified have been done
so be more specific if you could

The thing is, these units can attack me on enemy phase, but as soon as I target them in player phase, the game freezes. The last thing I did in FEBuilder was allotting new space for a new weapon that I gave to Shanna, Thea and Juno. I didn’t change anything about the enemies.

Is Strength/Magic fix enabled? I’ve seen something like what you’re describing happen

What’s that?

No one has any advice? I don’t really want to apply all changes to the clean rom again, there’s a lot of them…

Send a report7z.

We cannot know without the data

OK, I have the report RAR file. How do I send it?

Dropbox / googledrive


Try again. I changed it so in theory anyone with the link can see it.

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@7743 I can’t solve the root cause of this bug.

Reverting the changes of expanding the item table makes attacking troubadours work again. I don’t really understand the pointers info, but perhaps there is a hidden pointer that febuilder missed?

This seems to be the last version before expanding the item table:

The difference debug tool can revert the data for you, but then your item table won’t be expanded anymore. 7743 can probably help more than I can.

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Alright, thanks for your time. I will contact him to see what can be done without reverting.

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