Am I the only one who can’t wait for the end of this event? I’m curious to see everyone’s view on all of these projects!


11:59pm in what time zone? (I’ll assume the first American zone unless stated otherwise.)
Asking simple questions is no fun, so how about a teaser screenshot?
Coming to a MAFC near you.

Since you asked, umm, Sydney, Australia.

For real though just try to get it done this weekend

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Prince Ryoma will wait patiently for his revenge, but only for 25 turns…

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After a full day working on a buildifle, I finally managed:


I present to you an unpublished preview chapter of my project entitled Snow wolves!

Story: The young prince of the Granorg empire, Stocke is on a journey in search of a missing person, but on his way he passes through a city attacked by bandits … and he immediately decides to run in defense of the inhabitants … but will he succeed? you will find out just by playing!

MAFC download

Various things

I would have preferred to be able to do something original, but having not had time, I finally fell back to releasing the first chapter of the second act, because at least so I was able to start with a support base that I knew (it’s completely new, it’s not in the public build of my project).
you can rest assured, the story of the chapter itself is completely unrelated to that of my project, and I also eliminated all the dialogues that were out of this context

I hope it succeeds in being a fun chapter to play

there is no difference between Normal and Hard, The difficulty of the chapter itself is quite low, so I do not recommend selecting the easy difficulty

RECORD from the creator: I beat the chapter in about 9 minutes and 30 seconds (without animation in Normal mode)


If I spelled someone’s name wrong, or I made any mistake, please tell me, so as soon as I can I will fix it

  • Skill’s System Team!
  • 7743
  • Zeta’s Code
  • Leonarth
  • Snakey1
  • Pikmin(Kirito)
  • HyperGammaSpaces
  • Alusq(Amazing Music Tools)
  • Sme
  • Vesly


  • Sme(Other FE music)
  • SaXor_the_Nobody(Lufia Music)
  • Pikmin1211 (Riviera music)
  • Alusq(Final Fantasy music)
  • Runa(Custom music)
  • Pandan(FE4(Ally attack) and FE2 + The legend of zelda music)
  • Alfred Kamon(MIDI)


  • CirclesEveryWhere(Animation)
  • TEAM SALVEGED(Animation and MapSprites)
  • Flasuban(Animations and Map Sprites + Portrais)
  • Eldrich Abomination(Animation)
  • Pikmin1211(Animations)
  • Retrogamer(Animations)
  • FE7if(Animations and Map Sprites)
  • Itranc(Animations)
  • PushWall(Animations)
  • ji09(Animations, Class Card, Map Sprites)
  • SHYTURZ(Animations, Spell Animations, Map Sprites, Class Card…a lot of thigs)
  • Leo_Link(Animations)
  • Sax_Marine(Improved Animations)
  • Swain(Animations)
  • Huicjelaar(Animations and Map Sprites + Class Card + Skill’s Icon)
  • MeatOfJustice(Animations and Map Sprites)
  • Nuramon(Portraits and Animations + Map Sprites)
  • Jeorge_Reds(Skill’s Icon)
  • Melia(Calliope’s portrait, Fernand’s portraits (recolor))
  • BuskHunter(Portrait, Eruca)
  • RandomWizard(Portraits and TileSet)
  • Smokeyguy77(Portraits)
  • XVI(Portraits)
  • GabrielKnight(Portraits)
  • LaurentLacroix(Portraits)
  • Lenh(Portraits)
  • Peerless(Portraits and MapSprites)
  • Alusq(Map Sprite)
  • WAve(Portraits and TileSet)
  • CapibaraInSpace(Portraits)
  • Zarg(Portraits)
  • CobyTheGobber(Portraits)
  • WarPath(Map Sprites)
  • yikes(Map Sprites)
  • Blood(Map Sprites)
  • TBA (Map Sprites)
  • StreetHero(Map Sprites)
  • IS(?)(Map Sprites)
  • Unknown: (Map Sprites: War Monk[M][F], AromorKnight)
  • DerTheVaporeon(Map Sprites and Class Card)
  • Feaw(Map Palette)
  • HyperGammaSpaces(Portraits, ClassCard, Map Sprites, TileSet)
  • ZoramineFae(TileSet and BG)
  • FireEmblemier(Item Icons)
  • Lord Glenn(Item Icons)
  • Celice (Item Icons)
  • GabrielKnight(Item Icons)
  • Ereshkigal(Item Icons)
  • AlfredKamon(Item Icons, Animations, Map Sprites)

thanks again Vesly, for postponing the event!
for anything related to my work, write me without problems

Have a good fun! :vulcan_salute:t2:



Sigurd has an election to win. Can you see off competition from Byleth and claim electoral victory?

Alfonse. Prince of Askr, and effective leader of the Order of Heroes, Askr’s elite military. Under its leadership, almost the entire world has been subjugated under the Order’s heel. While local leadership structures largely remain intact, Askr has imposed a unifying thread linking its tributaries together. The Parliament of Heroes, a democratic institution that allows the people to elect their representatives and debate global policy. The world of Fire Emblem is divided into a large amount of constituencies, with boundaries expanding and contracting with the population.
The year is 797, by the Gran Calendar. Sigurd Chalphy is growing old, and his son Celice is no longer a young man himself. The system they were born in was an aristocratic society: one where the divine right of kings was strong and bloodlines valued above all else. Democracy was alien to Jugdral, and the old order did poorly in previous elections. The Kingdom of Grandbell, Sigurd’s homeland, contributes fifteen seats to the Parliament, divided across seven constituencies. Sigurd’s party, simply known as the Jugdral Party, currently hold five of these.
The other seats are divided amongst several parties, but the most popular of these is Byleth Eisner’s Fodlan Party. There are no laws stopping candidates from running in multiple constituencies, and due to the similarities between Jugdral’s system and Fodlan’s traditional system, they considered it a natural point of expansion. However, Fodlan had recently turned to revolution, destroying the traditional Crest system and aiming to establish meritocracy. Spreading the revolution is desirable: extreme elements say it should be spread on the Creator Sword’s blade.

As the election draws near, it is becoming increasingly obvious that it is a two horse race. Either the old order under Sigurd will prevail, or a new one under Byleth will arrive. Both parties have significant weaknesses. Just how did Byleth Eisner unify the three kingdoms of Fodlan under one banner? Are the rumours of familial relationships under top Jugdral officials true? The Order of Heroes awaits the people of Jugdral’s ultimate decision.


This game spoils Three Houses and Genealogy of the Holy War ruthlessly. Any themes those games touch on are touched on here. If you do not like Jugdral’s incestuous undertones, stay away.

All work for this hack was done by Darrman, with the exception of free to use graphics and music: these are listed in the readme and below.


All music based off SNESFE tracks
FE4 Attack: Pandan
Army of Grandbell: SurfingKyogre
Beloved One: SurfingKyogre
Conversation 1: SurfingKyogre
Defence: MrGreen3339
Emperor Alvis: SurfingKyogre
End of Despair: Mycahel
Fateful Showdown: SaXor_the_Nobody
Glorious Grandbell: SurfingKyogre
Part 1 Map Medley: SurfingKyogre
Thoughts Going Around: SurfingKyogre
Victory 1: SurfingKyogre
Victory is Near: SurfingKyogre
Versus Alvis: SaXor_the_Nobody
Destiny: Dolkar
Lopto B: SurfingKyogre
Results: SurfingKyogre
Victory Minor: Dolkar
FE3B2 Game Over: Sme
Light Inheritors: Alusq
Army of Agustria: SurfingKyogre
Disturbance in Agustria: Sme
Thracia Theme: SurfingKyogre
When the Rush Comes: MrGreen3339
Reidrick’s Theme: Dolkar

Sword Armour: The Blind Archer
Master Knight: St. Jack
Sword Dancer: Circleseverywhere
Non-Sacaen Nomad: eCut
Holsety: MisakaMikoto
Meteor: Blazer, Jubby
Flare: St. Jack

Other graphics:
Status screen: Lord Glenn

Download here!

ThreeBarharas_08 (3) ThreeBarharas_03 (4) ThreeBarharas_11 (2) ThreeBarharas_10 ThreeBarharas_06 (5) ThreeBarharas_25


I’ll try next year. Had a really good idea but was busy with not fire emblem.



Could you please upload the right patch :sweat_smile:

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I have done many dumb things, but this takes the cake. An ancient build of Arch of Coups, needless to say, is not my submission. The link’s been fixed and I pinged you on the discord with it.


It’s so good you have to submit it twice.



The average person speaks at somewhere between 125 and 150 words per minute.


Your opening cutscene, with over 2000 words, took me 11 minutes to read out loud. I stopped playing at 23 minutes in, nowhere near completion. I appreciate the intent of creating a novella with visuals, but I don’t think it is in the spirit of this competition.

(Starting a new conversation immediately does not really count as using map events to break up the dialogue.)


I hate to do this, but your entry is disqualified. Please follow the guidelines if you wish to submit in the future.

I will release a little video on it at some point, but it is not a proper playthrough. I would encourage you to take your verbose writing to the sereneforest writing contests, or make a thread. Sorry!



Legend of the lost mugs



Fort Nunya



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XPGamesNL wrote:

This submission is very creative! Getting ambushed by Bartre clones is very unique and helps pushing the player out of their comfort zone!

Oh also: That Nunya joke is supposed to be: Nunya buisness XD. Very original, me like dat joke.

:sweat_smile: I think any Nunya jokes went over my head then, haha

Just re-posting your comment here cause I liked it. I agree: it was a creative, solid entry.



Marquess’ Trial



There is no dialogue, Die

I pre-recorded the rest so that I could release one video each week until they’re all posted.

(1H Blitz round 2 won’t be for quite some time while we adjust to life with a newborn.)



Congrats man. Best to you and your family.


Thanks! Finally decided to take a peek outside SF, eh? :yum: Good to see you here.

I posted a little pic on this thread if you want to see my son :-]

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It’s an important occasion, I figure it was the least I could do. Thanks for having me.

I was working on an entry for this but it didn’t work. I may be able to repurpose it for something else though so expect my usual level of “quality” to return eventually.

Very precious! I would go for a speed build personally, but I might be a little biased there.

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