Lyn Hard Mode hacking

Does anyone know how to add Hard mode exclusive enemies to Lyn mode?

It looks like the Lyn mode uses Eliwood enemy arrangements for prep screen, so you can do hard-exclusive enemies that way. You can also use a Turn event with its extra data as 0x5, which is everyone hard mode. FEBuilder seems to have 0x4 and 0x5 backwards, so l’ll have to report that as a bug. Anyway, there might be a few more tricks, but l haven’t found them yet.

Still it seems “hard mode exclusive load” seems not to work.

Is it precisely Lyn Hard Mode you need? Like, in such a way that the map utilizes either of the other two modes? Because it seems as if _IFTT2 0x1 label (FEBuilder calls it “_51” with Stuff variable set to 1) behaves like Branch If Hard Mode (don’t skip in Normal mode), l think. lt’s another generic hard mode, but that could also serve to get Hard exclusive enemies in Lyn mode.

Oh. There’s also LOUMODE1 and LOUMODE2, which treat Lyn mode as Eliwood mode so you can get hard exclusive arrangements that way.

All right, and there’s LOUFILTERED as well (hard mode exclusive load). lt seems like it’s not fully supported in FEBuilder, though, because it’s not accounting for the Lyn mode checks. The least significant byte is a story mode check, while the more significant side is a hard mode check. However, it ignores zero or something, meaning LOUFILTERED 0x010001 UnitLabel is Lyn Hard mode only, but LOUFILTERED 0x000001 UnitLabel spawns on both difficulties so long as it’s Lyn mode.

With the right combination of those commands, you should be able to get the game to know the difference between any individual mode.