Lugh's event in Chapter 3 of FE6 causes Lilina to depart the map

Lilina herself was added from Chapter 1, and has stuck around in the army up to this point as any other unit would. Then, one of the child NPCs steals her identity after the titular event occurs.

It sounds out of whack so I put it in video to show it.

I have made no modifications to Lugh’s event here, but I did make some to the event where Roy meets Chad. Since these events are on separate turns however, I’m clueless as to what I could have messed up there that I have done here.

Someone else on Discord gave me the swift answer of how apparently making no alterations was the problem to begin with. Apparently in the original event, because they figure Lilina wouldn’t exist here anyway, that child unit was made to be Lilina to begin with. So she actually is programmed to move off the map.

To fix this issue, I had Lilina be replaced by a different character who isn’t present yet/was removed from their original spot in the event editor and unit placer of FEBuilder, which allowed the Lilina already recruited to remain on the map properly.


That is because one of the kids IS lilina. The devs just grabbed random data for cutscenes in gba fe. For example, the soldier at the beginning of FE8 ironicly(Because the beginning of that game is about him being gone) has Ephraims charactervalue. Just change the event to not feature her. If you have problems doing it, maybe I can help tomorrow(have to sleep very soon)

Edit: oops, was already answered appearently