Looking to Commission someone for a few animations

Hi I’m pidge, i’ve got a few animations I would like commissioned if anyone is interested.

Fire emblem, srpg studio or something else?
Also is there some kind of compensation?
Sorry if I come off as demanding or something, I just feel like we need to know this.

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It would be for Fire emblem GBA animations for FEbuilder basically and yes I will pay for it to be done of course rates can be discussed.

I might be interested or know someone who would.

That would be amazing if possible I can let you know the animations i would like done then we can discuss the rates etc how does that sound?

Yeah that sounds good.

Im basically looking for a custom animation for Hilda from fire emblem three houses which would be an on foot axe user.
Claude again three houses either an on foot archer or if you want you can try to make something along the lines of his barbossa class.
The last would be some sort of scythe user for both a male and female varient.

Pre time skip or post time skip?

It would be post time skip.

Alright I think I can do that and what are you offering?

Well how much would you like im not 100% on the difficulty of the task so if you have a range your willing to accept then we can go from there

Taking into account my skills, I’d say around 15$ each sounds good. Hell I’m sure people will say that I’m underselling myself

Sure sounds good to me, how do you want to go about this (sorry im very new to this)

Same here. Honestly we just need to settle on a payement method (Paypal, bank transfer etc) and when payment is made. Maybe half to start and the other upon completion. (We should probably use the dms to discuss this thought)

Oh and can it be a reskin if it looks good? If so I could get them done faster. Oh and I thought about it and talk to some people and they proposed this.
The average animation is like 40-50 frames on average.

Does this still look good? sorry for changing prices like that.

Yeah i reckon we should discuss this in dms. But yeah as you said half and half seems like a pretty fair way to go about it.

No problem about the price change, rather it be a fair price. I think i would go for the 30 frames for each, sounds good enough for me aha.

If you think a reskin would work then just show me which you would do it over first if thats alright.

that’s perfectfor me althought 30 frames might look a bit janky but we’ll see.
unless I reuse a lot of frames but I’ll go check some animations.

Oh if I use Lyn’s tier 2 bow sprite as a base, I can do Claud in exactly 30 frames assuming you don’t want an additional weapon type of a custom Failnaught sprite.

Guess I overestimated the amount :sweat_smile:

Yeah that would work perfectly I reckon!