Looking For Writers/Story People For My FE Game

Exactly what is stated above. My Project is still super new and I have not posted anything about it yet, (or even posted anything at all) until now. We recently switched to Tactile as an engine instead of FE Builder and with the transfer came an expansion of our story. We are looking for a 1 to 2 more Writers for our game to account for this expansion. No FEXNA/Tactile Experience will be needed. Just Writing.

If you want to help on this, just know that I expect you to be semi active for the majority of the writing process. It is fine for life to happen and get in the way. Just do not vanish without letting me know.

We have a hefty basis of a plot and roster already. The writers we are adding are here to mostly expand and maybe change some things. This is not a complete rework.

The basic plot that we have so far is this:

Everyone on the continent of Praejhin tells the tale of The Tragedy. The Tragedy occurred 200 years ago and wiped out half of all life on Praejhin according to legends. Maps of the continent before the Tragedy show lush green forests across the entire continent, but afterwards a massive desert formed on the east half of the continent. The terrain lead to the birth of two present day juggernauts on Praejhin. The Kingdom of Chaiban controls the lush green forests and exports tons of lumber across it’s rivers to promote trade. While the G’rulian Empire specializes in Oasis Mining Towns. The exports of minerals from said Mines as well as an influx of researchers and explorers off to chase the secret of The Tragedy keep G’rulu sustained with cash.

Peace was held between these two mighty nations for over a century until G’rulu suddenly invades Chaiban. Now, King Aelfric of Chaiban sends off his most trusted General off to fend off the G’rulian Invasion. The Chaiban General, Gerome, and his trusty Strategist, Oakley, begin their journey to defend their homeland, beat back the forces of G’rulu, and reveal the truth of what happened 200 years ago.

While all this happens, a conflict within G’rulu reveals a massive conspiracy and threat that would not only change the outcome of this war, but could affect the future of the planet as we know it.

I hope that got some people interested in both playing it later and to help work on it.



I would like to help. What you have so far sounds like a cool idea! What would you have any potential writers do, exactly? Something like writing support conversations?

At the moment I’d say I’m balancing my work load for university quite well, so the maximum framework that would work best for me is like from 2 to 5 days, if that’s ok?

I’m on the previous boat as the other commenter. I’m willing to write story or supports. I can also work maybe 3 to 5 days out of the week. I can write quite fast, but I suppose it’s also a matter of what kind of writing you want. If you need, I have some previous fiction stories that I’ve written that I can refer you to.

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Perhaps also a relevant question: How many writers do you already have?

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4 writers. 1 has gone silent tho and the other is semi active. So it is mostly just me and a friend for rn.

We currently need a lot done. Script. Supports. And with the expansion, some of the basic plot now as well. We expanded from the player controlling only one army to two. So with it comes some natural plot changes. You will prob be working for a while. Not alone either. Me and my friend will help and any of the others if they are on.

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Can you both send some previous works of yours (if you have any)?? We just have a lot of offers from other places I posted on, and we only want two more members max.

Ok, I’ll send you something via message :+1: