Looking for someone who can make 2 full battle sprites!


Quick disclaimer, I’m new here so I apologize if there is a better board to post this. Anywho,

I’m making my first hack, however I’d like to have 2 custom battle animations made, and me being me who has no artistic skill at all, I would like everything to be done in full. As for what I want these two to look like, the first is Rose from Legend of Dragoon.


Promoted (Just minus the wings) -

The two weapons she’ll be wielding in my hack are swords/bows. Palette is the same as in the pictures.

The second character, who should be a lot easier is of the “Truth/God” or whatever you want to call him from FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood


He’ll be using light/dark magic.

I believe that’s all the information that’s needed, however if I missed something, and you are willing to undertake this, I will gladly work with you until this is complete. Thanks (:

You’ll have a much better chance of getting a volunteer if you show progress on your hack first. If you want an animation now you’d better commission someone. (Though I don’t actually know anyone who does battle sprite commissions off my head?)

I’m willing to commission if someone is willing to make this, definitely.

Even being open to commissioning an artist, the “market” of artists that 1) do battle sprites and 2) are of enough caliber that they can actually build an animation and not just a single still is relatively small. Especially when, given the talent required, most of the artists that can do it are usually making use of it for their own personal projects.

That’s not to discourage the idea or that there won’t be an artist that has the time and the skill and decides to tackle it, just that you should consider that it is most likely an unlikely premise. People request battle sprites all of the time, and, more often than not, even ones coming from those that have a large portion of their project complete don’t seem to have much luck (or, at least, no one seems to accept the offer in public conversation), mostly because the large majority of those capable (which is a much smaller number than people that can make face sprites for example) are busy with school, work, or their own stuff.