Looking for some specific Map Sprites that i could use as tokens for my Fire emblem Themed Pathfinder Campaign

Okay, so im looking for a few different map sprites and to be honest it seems like no ones made anything like these yet (at least from what ive seen) and yes im talking about GBA Styled Map sprites.

-Drake (on its own)
-Drake Rider
-Fell Dragon
-Wyvern (on its own)

if any one wants to try making these and post them here it would be greatly appreciated, i myself will also be giving it a shot!

You may want to specify what the difference between drake and wyvern is
The series has kind of used them interchangeably (wyvern rider vs dracoknight, etc)

Also what is a slayer? Also God and Goddess? That can literally be any map sprite, generic female? Boom goddess. And Fell Dragon I assume is Awakening which no there isn’t a sprite yet.

Drake being a smaller and wingless dragon. Drakes are sturdy and bulky and have all four legs unlike wyverns

Slayer in pathfinder terms is the hybrid class of ranger and rouge. As for god and goddess your technically not wrong that any generic map sprite might work but the ideas I had for a god would be closer to a holy warrior and for goddess more like a valkyrie, a winged unit that uses Lance’s.

Oh and fell dragon I was thinking something similar to grima from awakening as in evil incarnate in the shape of a dragon but really that ones up to interpretation

Idun’s mapsprite would probably work for the dragon.