Looking for playtesters!(For a very WIP hack)

I have been needing a private playtesters for a 6 chapter hack(a part of chapter 6 out of 30 chapters done) That I have created and I wanted to seek out any that are available who could give me constructive feedback. It doesn’t matter if you’re more casual player or a more experienced veteran as I wanna see from both POVs. Feel free to message me directly for more information thanks for reading this thread!
Edit: I decided to add a few screenshots and more explanation.
The story is straight up new seperate from the normal Fire Emblem Franchise in the Continent of Flugias. In this story you will find the intense thrill of escaping a nation which you have unfortunately gotten yourself in trouble with.
This hack is updated with the most recent skill system!


I’m not really interested in private playtesting per say, but once you have a more public build, I would happily do a live playtest and feedback stream on my twitch. I understand if you are not interested in that at this time, but I figured that I’d offer.

Best way to generate interest is to show a little bit about your hack, what you’re trying to achieve, some ideas/concepts. It doesn’t need to look pretty, but people will def want to see that what your aim is before they sign up to help.

For example, I may be more interested in playtesting a game based around capture than an FE6 rebalance hack - share a bit more in your first post and I think you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Good luck!


Will do at some point!


I can do ! :). Up for the task. I like testing and giving constructive feedback

I can playtest if needed