Looking for Map Makers

At the moment I’m working on two projects of my own. I’ve come to realize though that creating maps is a bit of a struggle for me, I’m afraid what I make may lack diversity in terms of allowing different methods of strategy. I don’t want my maps to be barren or crowded, I’m seeking a balance.

I’m aware that there is a free map pack available on here. I use it for my placeholders and I very much like the content, but I’m concerned these maps have been used by many other hacks already since the pack has been up for awhile. I’d like something fresh, if possible.

I was wondering if there’s anyone out there who would like to help by creating maps or advising me for the creation of maps. I’d love to run my concepts by someone and seeing what they can come up with.

Compensation is something on the table if someone would like to offer their services in return for payment.
Thank you!

I’d be happy to clean up any maps (for aesthetics or design) if you DM them to me via Discord. I wouldn’t accept payment, though (unless you can make portraits for my project).

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Hey! DM me your discord. I’d love to show you what I have, and I’d also love to collaborate on sprites too.

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I’m also always available (well I guess most of the time).

Hey! I’ll DM you sometime. Thanks for offering.

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I’m just Snakey1 on the FEU Discord. (Snakey1#4148)

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