Looking for MagRes Hack

I once heard of a FE5 like Magic to Resistance patch, but now I can’t find it anymore. Does someone have it and would like to share it with me?

I just searched “mag/res” in the search bar and it’s the first result.

Yeah, I looked into this topic as well but it seems as the link for the damage calculation is down

If you want it for FE7, I have a ready-made patch that patches to an FE7 rom that I made because I didn’t want to have to patch the ASM every time I started on a new rom. Note that it doesn’t include the str/mag compatibility fix that is included with FEditor (the thing that fixes stuff like a glitchy magic-sword animation showing when a sword user has a magic rank and attacks with a sword), so you’ll still have to apply that if you haven’t already.

If you’re looking for it on a non-FE7 game, ┐('~`,)┌

Res/Mag fusion is imbalanced as all hell tho

Thank you very much ^o^

rip hex’s doc