Looking for Inspiration through playing a hack in Ironman

I dunno if this will pop up but I am looking for a hack right now to draw inspirations from. Specifically looking for a hack where it is iron man friendly. Just wanted to draw inspirations for long term planning if ever. Any recommendations?

For the best recommendations possible please be more specific in what you want. Preferred level of difficulty? Length? Complete or no? What hacks have you played before? There’s too many different variables that I don’t feel comfortable giving a concrete recommendation since I don’t know your preferences.

I couldnt think of anything specific if I were to be honest in terms of length or difficulty. Complete is preferable. As for hacks I played before the more recent ones I played were Order of Frost, Call of the Armor, Drums of War, Myth of Blight, Lonely Mirror, and Andaron Saga.

As for preference I do enjoy unit/party flexibility since my favorite thing about Fire Emblem is the mix and match aspect of different team compositions. But I would like to try other experiences too.

Vision Quest was designed with ironman-friendliness in mind, and when I did a blind ironman of it myself, it held up well. No sucker punches, big cast of competent units, tough lords.

Isn’t Vision Quest like unfinished?

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It’s been complete for quite some time, actually. You must be thinking of some other hack.