Looking for bonewalker/skeleton mug

Hello there,

I am currently working on a hack where monsters have a more important role than just throwaway enemies. Therefore, they need portraits. However, I have trouble finding a bonewalker mug or a skeleton mug in general. I cannot create original portraits myself but I am able to splice and recolor. If someone knows a bonewalker mug or skeleton mug I could splice from, I would really appreciate it.




Here’s a placeholder portrait from an old project of mine, later used in Void’s Blitzarre Adventure. It’s obviously unpolished/unfinished (it was originally a requant from a Tear Ring Saga screenshot, which is why it looks so bizarrely awful), but maybe you can find someone to edit it into something better or just use it while you look for something higher quality.

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I can offer this if you want to crop it then make it into a skele mug


Thank you, this could probably work.

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