Looking for anyone to make me a custom portrait

Hey i looking for anyone on here to make me a custom portrait for me. And if anyone is going to make me a portrait here is how i want the portrait to look like.

First she should have Natasha face.

Next L’Arachel clothing.

Then Canas cape but i want it white and not purple.

Next she should have timeskip Marianne hair but much darker blue hair.

Then Brunnya earrings.

Next Tatiana headpiece jewelry.

And lastly Silque hat.

And one more thing i want there to be a second portrait. The second one should be the exact same one as the first one but this time without Silque hat and Tatiana headpiece you got all of that ok then.

Okay first portrait done now just got to make me the second portrait and we should be done.

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This is the best I was able to do by combining all the elements you provided.
I would also recommend you keep these requests to a single thread.


Oh you’re gonna need a couple things if you’re gonna look for a fully custom portrait here, but don’t worry I got you.
All you need are these:
Commissions Listings (and/or looking around and asking if anyone else takes commissions)


It look good but the quality look very poor. Plus i also said i want a second portrait without Silque hat and Tatiana headpiece.

Also i can see bits of L’Arachel hair in the portrait that should not be there. So you got two things to do. One removed bits of L’Arachel hair in the first portrait. And then second make me a second portrait that look almost the same as the first but removed both Silque hat and Tatiana headpiece. Get done with both of these things and then we are done simply as that ok.

Looks great, Relic. Keep up the good moves, proud of you. xoxoxo :+1::blush::ok_hand::clap::heart::sunglasses::muscle:


this is the first time to see someone said a product looks good but has poor quality. doesn’t that sound like a paradox? since when poor quality products look good

btw at least be grateful someone gives you help

like obs said, if you want guaranteed quality mugs, commission someone
or if you dont mind putting more efforts on yourself
make your own mugs kappa (it’s also a longer process too so eh)


You know what i take all of that back. Because after looking more into the portrait it does look a lot better than i was expecting and pretty good.