Looking for a volunteer to create a hack rom

Hello everybody !

After spending many years playing hackroms, looking at right-to-left hacks and finally having installed FeBuilder … it’s time for me to go to the other side and start creating my own own hack rom !

But I now find myself in a dead end, I don’t know anything about FeBuilder and the tutorials could help me but unfortunately for me, the language barrier prevents me from fully understanding the audio tutorials on Youtube because I am French and English and I don’t make two …

This is where this post comes in, I’m looking for people who would volunteer to create my hack rom with me.

I will need someone who can do the portraits of the characters well, someone who understands FeBuilder better than me and who would help me set up the events on the software, help me do the script for the hack rom.

Currently, I’m trying to hack on a Fire Emblem 7 base and realize that I won’t be able to do it alone so I won’t say no to help out.

I also made a discord for the hack rom so if there are people who would be interested in joining me in the project, I will be delighted to welcome you and see your dedication manifested in the comments of this post.

Thank you in advance for reading this post and I hope to see many of you for the project.

Free to use graphics:

I think if you want so much help with a project, you should volunteer to help with someone else’s project instead.

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yes that is true and with enough luck you’ll be able to find a team willing to help out with your project later that’s what is happening with me but you’ll have to show that you are willing to put some work in the project first

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what is your motivation for making the hack? your inspiration?
do you have a plan for the project, like a story outline and the cast draft?
people will be more likely to want to help you if you have something to show.

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