Looking for a Mug of Myself

Hey, so, like
[7:33:02 PM] Crazy Colorz: Anyone know someone that can do an FEPortrait of me?
[7:38:44 PM] zahlman: what would it be based off of?
[8:01:09 PM] Crazy Colorz: Fe7? Semi-original?
[8:01:39 PM] zahlman: I mean, what do you want it to look like
[8:15:29 PM] Crazy Colorz: I'll leave that mostly to the artist's interpretation of what I'm like
[8:15:39 PM] Crazy Colorz: Though I will say -- long (long) black hair,
[8:15:51 PM] Crazy Colorz: And have light/pastel purples SOMEWHERE on the palette
[8:15:54 PM] Crazy Colorz: Only two restrictions.

I am willing to offer my asmz services in exchange. Reply here if you’re interested. Doesn’t have to be super intricate since I’m mostly just offering asmz, but maybe develop it in time for more favors.

I’m willing to try. Most of my portraits are simple splices at first but then get heavily customed. (examples)

Also, I assume you want a crazy expression on your face? plsnokill

Yeah sure. But more cunning than insane. I’ll leave it up to mostly your interpretation. Anything wizardry you want specifically now, or want to save it for later?

Nothing comes to mind, but I’ll let you know if I get any ideas/when I make progress on the sprite.

Any updates? No rush.

An exam and the subsequent drainedness made me have to disappear from most internet stuff for a bit, so I still only have a rough sketch:

Is this anything like you pictured? If you don’t like it you can pass the task on to someone else.
The hair in particular is extremely WIP (is it too flowing?). As for the clothing, the “ASM wizard = magic-user” conjecture was just begging to me made, but it’s easily changeable.

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It’s fine, I do want it to reflect the artist that works on it as well. A few comments I would make, the hair goes back a bit too far on the back of the head. Make the face a bit more… rounded, I suppose? Think more androgynous, I guess.

Got it. Will do!