Lock in position during preps?

  • Hacking method: FE Builder

  • Base Game: FE8

  • Steps to reproduce: I’ve used player placement in the Unit Placer menu to allow for 12 units. Two of them, the Lord and another unit, I want to be mandatory to field in the battle and I want their location to be locked. The other unit (that’s not the Lord) is a troubadour.

The Lord is always required on every map and his position in preps is always locked. You can’t trade his position for some other units.

I want that same thing to take place for the troubadour. I want her to be locked in place and I want her to be force deployed in the battle. Can you customize this for units besides a Lord?

Thank you!

Go to Advanced Editor → Forced Deployment. What you want to do can be done in there.

That’s a great menu! Thank you so much :slight_smile: