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Since it’s apparently the fashion to keep all your interesting things in one spot, I’ll do so.
Today I have something interesting to share. I was tired of how closely tied the Weapon Triangle is to what the actual weapon type is, and I found the extant ways people have of dealing with that insufficient.
So I made my own.
Introducing what I like to call WeaponTypeArray.

So what is it?

Basically, I changed the weapon triangle calc to no longer look at the equipped weapon type field. Instead, this hack uses the equipped weapon ID, and looks at that spot in a table to get what “weapon type” it is, and uses that for the WTA calc.


Since it’s no longer tied to what the weapon actually is, and instead just tied to a number, this allows for, in theory, every single weapon to have it’s own weapon type. The most trivial example is a sword that acts like a lance, or the Radiant anima triangle, but the possibilities are nearly limitless.

While I was having to repoint the entire weapon triangle calc and go through it, I noticed that the way GBAFE (or at least FE8) handles defender “bonuses” is dumb and bad. Just the negative of the attacker’s bonus? Boring! So I decided to expand the table of values to give the defender it’s own independent set of “bonuses”. Scope creep is real.

This is just a small example of something you can do with this and an appropriate set of triangle effectiveness data.
WTA but with color names
(if you recognize that set of effectiveness, you’re very cool and have great taste)

Where do I get it?

>>>Right here<<<

Included is the hack itself, and an event file that you can use to install it. The event has the weapon type array (which I wish I could make more user friendly somehow), and the expanded version of the vanilla WTA bonuses.
unless I managed to put in the values backwards again


I highly doubt my ability to write bug free code, so don’t be shocked if they show up?
Squashed: Due to a code error, untabled entries would not properly check for the end of the weapon effectiveness table. This has been patched.


I have no idea if it’ll work. In theory, unless a skill does something funky with equipped weapon (which it might), it should work. Someone much better versed will probably be able to tell you.

Feedback is always welcome, and encouraged. Also you can just do whatever to the code, it's mostly well commented.