Limiting support points gained per-chapter?

Is there a way to limit how many support points units can gain each chapter in FE8? I want this to make it so supports work more similar to FE9, where units need to be together on a certain number of maps, rather than on a certain number of turns.

The best way I know to do this would be to use the “Gain Support At Various Ranges” patch, if set to whole map support points will only be gained once per map.

There is also the “Prohibit support conversations under specific conditions” patch that could help depending on what you want to do.

There’s also a patch that allows support rank to be given by event but I don’t think that lets you view the conversation when rank is given.

I know about that first patch. But what I’m looking for is limiting how many support points you can get per-map. That way, I can set t so units get a lot of points, but need multiple maps to get a support

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you want, that’s exactly what that patch does. You adjust the growth value in the support thresholds to do it. One map will earn the value you want, just need to make sure you calculate it properly to earn the support over 2+ maps.