LG's (Sprite) Freebies

I suggest using white for the text color instead of the faction color so it’s more even across both sides and is easier to see.

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Alright. I’ll change it back. Thanks for the advice!

I mean, I did that template too; that’s how I knew its Hit/Dmg/Crt area wasn’t a single tile multiplied across. And, yeah, it is less complex, and I can try to address that later today somehow.

But, I’m seriously wondering if FEBuilder is simplifying/skipping some of what can be done on these for the ease of making it more tool-and-user-friendly in insertion. Maybe someone on the discord has the tutorials (https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/25045-inserting-custom-battle-frames/, https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/30002-battle-frames-part-2/) saved and can pass them along. (And maybe 7743 could incorporate them into FEBuilder to improve the tool if it works…) (Heck, an early “prototype” version of this template was one of the examples used in the first tutorial - it had problems with having too many tiles originally, but the second tutorial came a year later and opened up a ton more tiles, so…)

Alright, I think I almost understand some of the tutorial, but there’s some stuff that I absolutely can’t figure out with the GBAGE method. I really just have no idea what I’m doing.

@Dancer_A and I started this expansion of Sme’s Desert Tileset last year and I’ve finally hit the point that I’m burned out on it after lots of time on and off working on it (mostly off). Was going to do two palettes for a more arid, less saturated version and a more verdant, FE6-like oasis-y color scheme, but I don’t feel like changing all of the grass colors. Apologies on the cluttered nature, but had to shift and squeeze things to fit it all in. (Some tiles are not in the same place as Sme’s, so I you’ll probably have to redo maps if using this.)

As I mainly just do the graphics end of things (don’t even have Builder on my PC), this is just the image. Someone will need to do the object map stuff, etc. that’s needed to actually insert it, provided the object map is feasible with how little empty space there is on the full image). Has the same total color count as Sme’s does, but I don’t know if how the game uses the palette banks (Discord was saying each 8x8 quarter per tile uses 1 palette) is actually preserved.


This will be extremely useful not just to me but to many others, greatly appreciate this!

Was just wondering how I could make a desert chapter more spicy. This will do quite nicely.

With FEE3 coming to a close and my motivation to continue working on this waning, I think it’s time that I just release it to the wild. It’s been years in the making (literally like 3 and a half years since the folders were created) and I was going to wait until FE’s anniversary in April in the hopes that I’d add more or improve some old ones in the time in between, but I haven’t truly had the spark to work on it in months beyond minor tweaks to things already on it. (Various projects dying or being cancelled did not help with motivational aspects, either.)

I may feel the urge to go back and add to it down the line, who knows. My drive to work on projects changes all of the time. I present the Archanea / Ylisse, Valentia / Valm, Jugdral, “Outrealms” Icon Project:

Originally started to do all of the old FE TCG (pre-Cipher) card arts as icons for a Thracia remake years ago, it slowly evolved into a much larger project to do anything I could get art of as my own GBA-style icons of the weapons, at least as though it would fit into the one setting where all of those stories occurred in the same world (along with notable Outrealm-type gear). I was attempting to focus on finishing groups before moving on to another, which is why there are so many more swords than other types, but as inspiration struck, I had to jump around to what I was feeling or what would (try to) complete a smaller set.

You can find a log of what all of the color codes and boxes mean and what every icon is in this text file.

And, to make lives easy with all of the different background colors, here’s a version with all of the icons in the standard color from the default graphics (and the blank placeholders removed):



The amount of details you put into each of them is really so eye pleasing, like damn.

Even though you feel a lot of them may need more work, I’m no artistic expert. To me, they are still beautiful. I look forward to more of your weapon icon creativity.


Most of the ones that I feel could use more work are ones that were older and I just think I could do better now, are ones that I don’t think I got quite right/accurate on the current pass, are ones that I want to change entirely (The Pure Sword, the Blessed Sword, etc.), or were things that I couldn’t pick between (Maltet) or, in the case of the tomes, changed how I was doing them later on (coloring the spines) and need to add on those changes.

Not sure how much more I’ll be posting when it comes to weapon icons unless I get the spark to make an update to what was posted. Most of the ones I’ve made recently-ish outside of these were personal ones for projects I’m doing which I likely won’t post as assets.

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Not a freebie, but I did this map to replace one from The Raymond Chronicles and figured that I should actually post it in here, considering it’s been almost 2 months since that topic got posted over here…

I’m planning on trying to have the statscreen finished by April for FE’s anniversary… I just need to get the motivation to work out how I want to shade the tapestries and the embroidery and I wanted to come up with faction color palettes for it. Next update will probably be when I get that finished. (I do have one other project in the works that will be free-to-use, but it’s further away from completion and I need to make sure the palette wonn’t break anything when inserted.)


while I love the aesthetic, the scale is all over the place due to a pillar being the same size as an entire fort
but I still think it’s cool lol

Honestly, I probably could have omitted it - I did this in a hurry the day I did it and wanted a place for reinforcements to spawn when they easily could have just spawned at the edge of the map, so just pretend it’s another tree, lol

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Nice work! :slight_smile:

Another new map - this one is free to use, albeit with the caveat of someone will have to get the tileset working for it, since it’s been modified.

This one was inspired by Wave and Dancer_A’s FE5 and FE9 maps as they spurred the idea. Conceptually, this is a “If I were redesigning Path of Radiance Ch. 6’s map while keeping the overall flow to it” map - it’s got the forest in the northwest that Ike and co enter in and can sneak through, it retains the two bridges but staggers their locations, and it turns the bottom area into an actual encampment since that’s where most of the enemies were outside of the ones outside of the forest to the east.

Tile changes are included in the TMX that’s in the ZIP, along with the modified tileset. The easy tile change is the door opening. The bigger tile change is because of what the left bridge turned into - I decided to replace it with a dam and included the two brace caps along the left wall as an indicator for switches. Trigger the switches, and the tile change (if desired) floods the river to the right of the dam, wiping out some of the land around it, too.

Of course, just because it’s inspired by PoR Ch. 6 doesn’t mean that it needs to play out the same - it could be a defense map and you want to trigger the flooding to narrow down enemy lanes, it could be triggered as a map event by the enemies to narrow down your lanes to the base, etc. Or you could not use it at all if you so choose.

And the tileset for good measure:

Download here!

(TMX with tile changes, Tileset PNG, and PNG images of the regular map and the flooded tile change included.)


Absolutely fantastic! A really great tile-set and a beautiful map. I love the bridge design.

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The tileset is really nothing more than mashing the 01003803 tileset with the walls, houses, and dock/boat elements from 0E007210, the 2x2 gate from 2E002F30, and the ruins floors and stairs from 6C006D6E, and then recoloring everything that was added using what I could from the base version of 01003803’s palette.

In making the map, I did wish I had ported a few more tiles over (shadows on grass for walls, the fence wall tiles, etc.), but I was already crammed on space, even though I didn’t ultimately end up using the houses in the lower section of the map (they looked too small in scale with the wall height). But, the houses conceivably could work with a different map premise or layout, so I thought they were more important than the other tiles to keep in the tileset.

For the bridge(s), one of my main design thoughts for the map was to stagger the bridges - when looking back at the oveehead map for Chapter 6, I was surprised that the bridges were in the same spot on the Y-axis, since my brain always thought that the one on the left was higher up (which was probably just because it was right up against the edge of the woods if you went left to avoid combat). I also wanted to have a lore reason for why the left would be a potentially safer route, making the left bridge into a dam that would only need to be modestly guarded, while having an open area as the main route to the compound on the right, so patrols would be roving and easier direct lines of sight to be spotted.

I’m very happy with how the map turned out, even if the overall concept/outline wasn’t entirely original. Also, shoutouts to Dancer_A for spending a little time going over the forests with me yesterday when I wasn’t entirely satisfied with how they looked.


I noticed an error the other day on the map I posted and noticed a couple more when I went in to clean up the mistake. The screenshots above have been fixed, but here’s the corrected TMX file.

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It’s officially the 20th in Japan, so happy 30th Anniversary to Fire Emblem!

I willed myself to get this done in time and am sharing it here first - the finished (Anniversary) stat sheet background:

Katakana Swords
30thAnniversaryStatscreenUI-Blue_Kana256x160 30thAnniversaryStatscreenUI-Blue_Swords256x160
30thAnniversaryStatscreenUI-Red_Kana256x160 30thAnniversaryStatscreenUI-Red_Swords256x160
30thAnniversaryStatscreenUI-Green_Kana256x160 30thAnniversaryStatscreenUI-Green_Swords256x160
30thAnniversaryStatscreenUI-Purple_Kana256x160 30thAnniversaryStatscreenUI-Purple_Swords256x160

Ended up having to tone the brightness down from the last WIP back in July since it made reading some of the text too hard, but it kinda turned out to be an antique gold which I think added to it a little anyway. Outside of the brown name box area (carried over from the FE4/5 stat screen BG because I liked it), everything else is 100% hand done from scratch for this - the rock background (chunk made and then tiled), the cloth shading, the “embroidery” details, etc. It’s been a long journey, but this was definitely a test of my skill and willpower to churn out.

Also, I vaguely recall something about some tech to allow stat screen BGs to change based on unit faction, so I included versions of different palettes for each faction should someone make that happen.