[Lex Talionis] Fire Emblem: Cycle of Remorse (Version 0.9.0)

Thanks! and lol no worries! your project is pretty big too, so keep working hard on yours as well! :smiley:

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You’re welcome and thank you too :slight_smile: Game development sure is a time sink, isn’t it? Haha :sweat_smile: But it’s a good experience. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! Got some updates for you all. So, I’ve been bouncing around with what chapters I’ve been focusing on, and I finished up Chapter 18’s enemy placements! I do wanna make some of these enemies 2nd tier classes and mess around with their inventories, but it’s basically done.
In this map, the main objective is to take care of the two enemy factions with the side objective of leading the green units to safety towards the western side of the map.
I’ve also been working on redrawing people’s portraits so that at least the main cast will have original mugs rather than spliced ones. Krista and Kai are all done! Semi is gonna be the next character I work on.
Krista Kai
The Act 2 update probably won’t have everyone’s mugs updated, but I’m hoping at least everyone introduced in Act 1 will be redrawn. Fingers crossed!


Hey guys! It’s been a hot minute since the last update, so I just wanted to touch base again. Recently, I started working on Chapter 17x’s layout:
This map features Anna and Jake who get automatically recruited into the party at the start. It’s a Defend map where you have to protect your ships from the enemy fleets and fliers. Ballistae will also be on this map that can be used by any unit.

Right now, I’m trying to work out the kinks with the on-map ballistae’s programming, but other than that, the game’s progress is going pretty steadily!
Other than maps, I’ve still been working on redrawing people’s mugs. Right now, I’m working on Alex, and she’s almost done! She just needs a few more finishing touches and her animation frames.

Anyway, I know I keep pushing back the Act 2 release date, but uhhhhhh it should be out some time this year? Crossing my fingers hoping that I’ll get it done before summer ends!!


Hey guys! So, not a lot of major updates right now, I’ve been busy with a lot of IRL stuff. But! I did wanna show off the Chapter 17x Ballistae :smiley: I got them working!

And on this lovely April 1st, I wanted to advertise this week’s work stream happening at 2pm CDT! It’s just a regular work stream :slight_smile: Absolutely no pranks or tricks. No sir :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! So, I’m still chugging along with the progress for the game. Been busy redrawing people’s mugs and writing up dialogue. Alex’s and Semi’s mugs are done, and I’m currently working on redrawing Felicity’s!
I also wanna take the time to advertise a video my husband and I did together: a tierlist of all playable characters and important NPCs introduced up to the end of Act 2! Check it out! Just a huge disclaimer: Act 2 is obviously not done yet and more changes may happen in Act 1 so viability of units discussed here may change once the Act 2 update actually drops.


This looks amazing, i hope to see the final version, my best regards.

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EDIT: If any of y’all downloaded the game in the past 15 minutes or so, I deeply apologize, I forgot to lock off all the content from the end of Chapter 10 onward. That part of the game isn’t ready for public release yet!!

Hey guys! Exciting news! Cycle of Remorse has been updated to v0.8.0!!! Unfortunately, Act 2 is not fully playable yet, but I’ve made so many fundamental changes to game mechanics and unit structure that I decided to push this update to the public so that people have a good feel for the game going forward.

Some notable changes include:

  • LT-Maker as a whole received an upgrade! I’m not that technical-leaning but upgrading to Python 3.11 sounds good I think??
  • Forrest starts in his Tier 2 class (Mage Knight) rather than Cavalier
  • Greatlances and Poleaxes are now in the game! (They’re the lance and axe equivalents of the Blades, high Mt and high Wt melee weapons)
  • Stat adjustments for both players and generic enemies! Generics have higher base stats to raise the difficulty a bit compared to previous versions

As always, check out the included Changelog for more detailed changes. And download link is in the OP. Have fun!


Hi, i was playing right now and the game just crash. A screen appeared saying to press back to open the txt of the crash, or something like that, to send to the creator. well, i copy the file and put him on the past of the game, just to keep it. so, i can just put the file here ou there is something like a private chat to send to you?

Yeah, you can just DM me here. If you could also describe what happened in-game when the crash happened too, that would be great!

Hey guys! So, I’ve been chugging along with the project. Adding more Support conversations, and adding more to the Guide feature!
guide preview
I’ve also been writing more of Act 2’s script and all that as well. We’re getting closer and closer to Act 2’s completion!
Oh, and I’m also running a favorite character poll! I’m gonna be discussing the results in a video next week!


Oh! That’s great! I need to implement something like that myself haha. :sweat_smile: I’ll keep my eyes out for when Act 2 is out and will definitely give it a play. :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Hey, i finish the act 1, and it was great. I really like playing this, the mechanics are good and the maps too. The character i most like to use was Trevor, i just love mages.

Cant wait for the act 2 bro, you really do a good work here.

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Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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Hey hey! Been a hot minute! With FEE3 announced, I wanted to let y’all know I’m hoping to get Act 2 done and ready to go for it this year! With that, I’ve been chugging away at more of the script and redrawing people’s portraits!
(Forrest’s new portrait is still a work in progress)
Anyway, that’s all for now. Maybe I’ll get back to posting more regular updates? Who knows!


Hey guys! A quick update popping in! I’ve been drafting up maps for the latter half of Act 2. Here’s the map for Chapter 20:
The party’s gonna be storming Merinas Castle in this one. I’m not 100% in love with the basic structure just yet, but it’s getting there!

And I’ve been working on more support conversations!

That’s all for now! See y’all next time!


Hey guys! Got another update coming your way! I got more maps drawn out and more enemy placements figured out, so all of Act 2 is almost fully playable! Cutscenes and dialogue still need to be written for the latter half of Act 2, but we’re getting there.

Here’s the basic structure of Chapter 21:

In this chapter, the party is inside Merinas Castle and are gonna fight their way through the top floor. There’s also a side objective of letting the prisoners in the basement free and making sure they make it out of the castle safely.

Oh and one minor(?) change to a certain support chain! Can you see the difference?
changed support rank

Anyway, that’s all for now. A playable Act 2 is in sight, folks! Probably in time for FEE3 too!


Hey guys! Cycle of Remorse has been upgraded to v0.8.1 to fix a game-breaking bug involving Supports. In previous versions, if you had a unit be surrounded by more than three allies with whom they had at least a C Support, the game would crash trying to calculate Support bonuses. But hey, that’s all fixed now!
On top of that, there’s new support conversations. Kai also has a new Personal Skill: Underhanded which allows him to attack an enemy first on enemy phase if they’re at less than 100% HP.
As always, more detailed changes are in the included changelog, the download link is in the OP, leave feedback if you can, and have fun!


Hey guys! With FEE3 2024’s deadline getting closer and closer, I just thought it would be appropriate to advertise my weekly work streams here! Right now, I’m in the middle of playtesting things and writing out cutscenes and dialog for the rest of Act 2!

Here’s the link to this week’s stream (starting in a couple minutes, actually!)

As I said in the OP, I do these streams every Friday at 2pm CST. I might do them more often considering the deadline, but we’ll see!


Hey guys! CoR has been updated to v0.9.0! This version is NOT compatible with old save files. Too many character stat changes and item adjustments were done to make it compatible with anything from v0.8.x. Sorry! Plus, there were some event-related errors that got fixed up as well. As always, DL link in the op and more detailed changes in the included changelog. Have fun!