[Lex Talionis] Fire Emblem: Cycle of Remorse (Version 0.9.0)

Hi guys! After around 5 years of on-and-off work (probably around a year of cumulative work tbh) I am ready to talk about my project Fire Emblem: Cycle of Remorse!

Download Link: Dropbox
(Credits included in the game’s zip file)


Within the continent of Yondo lies five nations: Merinas to the north, Fuegsol to the south, Foliaga to the east, Oregot to the west, and Medeas in the center. Krista, the princess of Medeas, sets off to investigate mysterious happenings in Foliaga. She soon discovers that there may lie more sinister things underneath the surface of Yondo’s supposed peace. Although, Krista herself also has something she has to hide…

  • Original characters, maps, and plot
  • Linear class progression
  • Playable units have Personal Skills
  • Supports Ranks implemented. (Support conversations still need to be written for most pairs, but pairs will still get support bonuses.)
  • 13 playable chapters (so far) (Prologue, 10 main chapters in the A route, 11 main chapters in the B route, and 1 gaiden chapter)


Content Warnings
  • Alcohol reference
  • Mild language
  • Suggestive themes

I also made a dedicated website to act as a database for the game here. It is still very much a WIP as I continue to work on the game. (The database has been updated as of v0.7.1)

I also stream myself working on the game every Friday at 2PM CST on YouTube! Come stop by if you’ve got the time!


New LT project you love to see it. Excited to play it when it comes out!


I didn’t work much on the game itself today, but I did get a lot of map stuff and all the complete support conversation scripts I have so far up on my website! Feel free to check all that out in the original post!

Been hard at work and got a progress update! Got an arena (kinda) working!

In terms of chapters, I’m working on mapping the last two for Act 1. Once those get playtested, Act 1 will be up for public release!

Another progress update! Got Chapter 9’s map done.
Ch 9
With the pace I’m going at, a public release for Act 1 should be coming in late May or early June!


Bad news, everyone. My laptop charger died on me, so I can’t work on the game until it gets replaced.
Thankfully, most of Act 1 is done. It just needs to get playtested to iron out the little details. Character portraits and other graphics are all done too. Speaking of which, here’s all the portraits I spliced for Act 1!

But yeah, I’ll be scripting out more Support conversations at least to make some progress while my laptop is out of commission.

EDIT: So, turns out my laptop just had a loose connection with its display. Fixed that up, and now we’re back in business!


Hey everyone! Exciting news! Act 1 will be publicly released this Monday on May 8th!!
I wanted to get some friends of mine to get a chance to play it before the public release. I’m super excited to see this project finally reach this point. I can’t wait for all of you to experience it too!!


First post has been updated with a download link for Act 1! Hope you all enjoy it!


Hey guys! Cycle of Remorse has been updated to Version 0.2.0! Any previous saves will not be compatible with this version. Sorry!
Some things with the new version include some balancing tweaks, new support conversations, and aesthetic changes. Check the included Changelog for more details.

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Sorry about another update on such short notice, but I noticed I made a bit of an error on the final map. An extra unit was loaded onto the player team on accident. Sorry! Other than taking that out, we have some new Support conversations as well as Rallies and Dances now affecting all adjacent allies!

Old saves are only partially compatible with this update. The changes to Rally Defense and Dance will not carry over.

Guess what guys? It’s Update Time! We’ve got a bunch more balancing changes, a new base conversation in Chapter 5, and (one of) the boss(es) in the final chapter now attacks the player units!!

As always, check the included Changelog.txt for more detailed fixes and changes. Have fun with version 0.3.0!

EDIT: Sorry but uh the arena had an error so i uploaded a quick fix just now. If you downloaded this over 20 minutes ago, you’ll wanna give it a re-download. Sorry again!!


Are you sure the percentages are right, as I was playing the prologue Forrest got three criticals with his 6% and Trevor’s first hit (with Fire) was a critical, Every hit afterwards with Thunder was a miss.

Still, was fun! Hopefully I’ll remember to play more later, hehehe.

Glad you like it!! And yeah, the percentages are supposed to be pretty reliable most of the time, but i guess you just got (un)lucky??

Hey guys got a quick mini update! Had to fix up the turn count on Chapter 3. Have fun!


Hey guys! It’s another update coming your way! Version 0.3.2 brings in some more balancing stuff, some bug fixes, and new support conversations. As always, detailed changes are in the included Changelog. Crossing my fingers this will be the last update until Act 2 rolls in or I decide to do more balancing tweaks. Have fun with the (possibly) final version of Act 1!


Version 0.3.3 is here! Yay(?) Turns out I completely forgot to add something to the flavor text of Joshua’s prf weapon. And I added a new pre-battle dialogue for Chapter 10, so not an incredibly small update I guess


Never assume you won’t do another tiny update until the next big update has happened, hehehe.

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uh. Version 0.3.4 is up. turns out I forgot to make Mage Knights weak to calvary-effective weapons :upside_down_face: this version’s compatible with v0.3.0 and up. have fun!

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Hey guys! Version 0.3.5 is up with a few bug fixes! Also, I’m gonna be taking a little break from development to start working on a trailer for this year’s FEE3! And after that, gonna start working on Act 2. No more updates until then (unless you find something game-breaking that I can fix on my end).
Any saves from v0.3.0 and up are compatible with this version.
As always, have fun, and see y’all again when Act 2 is out!


Hi guys! Just thought I’d drop in and let you all know what I’ve been up to for the past week with the game.
Started working on my trailer for this year’s FEE3. I’m really proud of how it’s looking so far! I’ve also been doing some balancing changes for the player and enemy units since, as a few people outside of the forums have pointed out, things got a bit too easy toward the latter chunk of Act 1. The balancing patch will be released alongside Act 2.

As for stuff I can actually show, I got a Devil Axe working!
devil axe

I also wrote up a blog post/dev log about working on Act 1 here!
Anyway, that’s all for now. Check in with y’all later!