[Lex Talionis] Fire Emblem 8 Reimagine/Resource (Final Beta Pt.1 released!)

Other issues I’m seeing is that some units level slower despite being lower leveled than the enemies.

Ex: i have a mage knight Franz and berserker ross who are still level 10 t2 in chapter 17 despite having faced higher level enemies; its to the point where they’re unusable now in front of the vast amount of units that I’ve been able to promote to tier 3 because they gain exp faster than them(gerik,Garcia,artur,erika,Vanessa,larachel, duessel,innes to name a few)

I’ve noticed that too during my playthrough same with Franz/Ross/Lute. :thinking: It’s super weird though because I’m not sure why it would do that. Now that I know other people than me had the same experience and I can try to send a bug report on the LT discord and see if it’s an engine bug.

Thank you for the report! :slight_smile:

This happened when one of the djinn stole a talisman from my units. The djinn in C19 are impossible to hit btw, all of them show sub-20 hit rates when I’m using my best units. I’d say some enemy t3 classes have insane stats compared to others (lizard berserkers come to mind).

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Hmmm…I believe I know what might be causing this. Thanks for letting me know and I’ll see if I can get that fixed. :slight_smile: Yeah, the difficulty does ramp up for the later chapters. :thinking: Hopefully this next patch will have more answers to combat the higher stats. In the meantime, the higher tier weapons have better hit rates, so if you can stock up on those should alleviate that, or use combat staffs since those are guaranteed to hit.

Hello everybody! :hugs: Quick update. :slight_smile: I’m up to Saleh’s personal weapons. :slight_smile: Almost done with all the personal weapons here in a couple of days. I think with this update I won’t officially release it yet, but I’ll let people play test for those who request to. :thinking:

In other news, I’m also gonna try stream making the game in the Discord. :slight_smile: It’s gonna be around 10 PM MT. If you can, I hope anyone can make it! :smiley:


Good morning everyone! I would say the first stream was a major success in my eyes! Thank you to everyone who participated :pray::sparkles: I’ll try to do this more often since it does help me out having being able to communicate my ideas, have input live etc. I’m going to try going live again tonight at the same time, so feel free to join if you can make it :wink:


I see camel riders, Im in.

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Haha I’m glad to hear that. XD I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. If built right, Camel Riders have the highest damage potential of all the classes. :wink:


Ok! Got all the personal weapons done! :slight_smile: It took quite a bit, but finally got that taken care of. :slight_smile: If anyone wants to playtest the personal weapons patch, please let me know. :3 I was also able to give Blades a buff for infantry/armor units. Gerik also has a new T2 promotion option replacing Mage Knight.

I will stream myself testing the personal weapons patch tonight if anyone wants to come and watch! There will probably need to be some fixes, etc. But that’s how it goes haha XD


I hope someday can play om android this rom hack hehe

Technically it’s a game not a rom hack. Rom Hack’s are made through hacking the file of a speciifc game. Engines like LT and FEXNA are separate games

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Still i really like this game because im fan FE8 so much hahah. So thats why i want to try this to but i can’t play it because its for window, thats why im active here to see the update that can play on android. Im bad at english haha

cool cool i love this game too

Glad to hear about the interest in the project! :smiley: I would love to make this project work on Android if I could. :sweat_smile: It’s rough though since I have no power over that unfortunately. :confused:

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Quick update! I’ve been out of commission the past 5 days due to surgery, but I’m back and recovering now. :slight_smile: Progress will probably be slower, but glad I can work on it again haha ')


Did I quick test to see if I could make a template to help improve the item info UI a bit. :slight_smile: I think this will make things more digestible. :thinking: