[Lex Talionis] Fire Emblem 8 Reimagine/Resource (Alpha demo now out! Playtesters appreciated)

Hello! :smiley: :wave: I am new here, but have been a frequent visitor over the past year. I’ve seen so many cool creative projects and it has inspired me to try my hand in it as well. I’ve decided to make Fire Emblem 8 for the LT engine and have that as a base for others to help if they want to try to make their own twist on it as well. :slightly_smiling_face: I am a novice when it comes to stuff like this I hope this can be useful to someone out there in the future.

My reimaging does not change anything story wise, it will be as close to vanilla FE8 as I can get it, but gameplay wise I am adding things that I want to add to it for fun and what I can do with my capacity with the engine. It is not meant to be balanced in any way, just meant to be fun, and probably have a power fantasy lol. The changes I am planning I am implementing for now includes.

  • 3 Tiers of promotions (Trainees are Tier 0. Then goes to 1, 2, then 3)

  • Every promotion has 3 branches to choose from.

  • Casual mode by default, unless I can learn how to add an option to swap between at the beginning.

  • Fixed growth mode by default, same as above.

  • Swords are light, increase speed by one, making them easier to double.

  • Lances reduce damage by 1.

  • Axes reduce defense by 2 per hit until next turn.

  • Light has range from 1 to 3, and easier to Crit.

  • Anima is 1 range, but deals splash damage.

  • Bows have 2-3 range and have advantage over magic. Want to learn how to decrease HIT over longer distances.

  • Dark is 1-2 range, and reduces Res by 2 until next turn.

  • Promotion only occurs automatically when a unit levels up past LV. 20 (EXP is increased to compensate.)

  • Status Boosters and Promotion items now are accessories that increase stats when held.

  • Pair up and Attack/Guard stance are in game.

  • Each class gets two skills.

Credits will be included once finished. I want to give credit to each person that deserves it. So far all the resources have been found from the FEU Repo. Special thanks go to Beccarte, Vicious Sal for inspiring me to do this project. Please try out their projects that they are making for this community :grinning: If there is any questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out. Thank you so very much!


Salutations! :wave: I have worked far enough that I’m releasing the Alpha demo and looking for playtesters if they are willing to help :slight_smile: Up to chapter 5x is playable. There is still so much work that needs to be done, but at least it should hopefully be faster from here out :slight_smile: I’m mostly looking for crashes for now, since balance can be fine tuned as get closer to the Beta. Thank you :pray::pray::pray:


FE8R Link