[Lex Talionis] Absolution (v0.1.9.1)

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The current build, v0.1.9.1, starts at the prologue (Indictment) and ends after chapter 9 (Acquittal).

Salutations, everyone! I am happy to introduce to you all to a new FE project: Absolution! I’ve been working on the ideas and concepts behind this for a long time now, and it feels so good to finally have a playable build out there.

This game runs in the Lex Talionis engine, and as such is easy to download and play! All you have to do is download the game from the link above, unzip it, and double click the “double_click_me_to_play” batch file!

Unfamiliar with Lex Talionis and wary about playing because of that? Here’s a quick little guide:

Lex Talionis Basics

Lex Talionis is an engine written entirely in Python, designed for Fire Emblem, and created by rainlash. The use of Python as base allows for all sorts of features, including the Base menu from the Tellius games and area-of-effect weapons. Let’s walk through what you’ll see when you first load up Absolution.

1.) The first thing you will see is the title screen (it looks like the image at the top of this post). Lex Talionis “maps” a key on your keyboard to a button on the GBA. You can change these mappings at any time! The default setup is as follows:
[A] -> x
[B] -> z
[ R ] -> c
[ L ] -> a
D-pad -> arrow keys
[ START ] -> s
To change this, you can navigate to “Extras” on the main menu and into “Options.” Next, move over from “Config” to “Controls.” You can then use whatever key is mapped to [A] to select a mapping and from there press whatever new key you’d like to map it to. Simple! You can do this at any time wherever the options menu is accessible.

2.) Now that your controls are mapped to your liking, select “New Game” on the main menu to begin Absolution! You’ll be asked to choose a difficulty. As of version, Normal, Hard are the same. Lunatic has boosted player and enemy growths, but has not been playtested. Choose Normal or Hard for the intended experience. You’ll then be asked to choose between casual and classic mode. These work just as in regular FE, EXCEPT that in casual mode, fallen units must sit out for one chapter before they can fight for you again. Finally, choose your style of level ups. Refer to the descriptions provided for details (or ask me if you need more info).

3.) Now that you have a save file, new options will appear on the main menu when you save and quit. “Continue” will load the last battle save. “Load Game” will load the last proper save you made (ie. saves at the start of a chapter, prep screen, etc.). “Restart Level” will load the save before last (so if you save at the base, and then at the prep screen, you can use Load Game to start from the prep screen and Restart Level to start from the base).

And that’s the basics of playing any Lex Talionis game! Hopefully that lowered any barriers to entry you may have had before playing Absolution.

Transferring Saves

If you’re in the middle of a playthrough when the game updates, don’t despair! Assuming saves are compatible between updates, transferring saves in Lex Talionis is a breeze!

1.) Download the latest build from the link in either the original post or the update post. Then follow the installation instructions as usual. Keep the new version completely separate from the old version.

2.) Navigate to the “absolution_data” folder in the old build (it should just above the “double_click_me_to_play”" file). Inside it you will see number of folder labeled data, audio, etc. The important one is the “Saves” folder, which as you might guess holds all your save data. Make a copy of your old Saves folder.

3.) Navigate to the “absolution_data” folder in the current build. Inside you’ll see the same folders as you did in the previous build. Simply delete the Saves folder and replace it with the old one you copied.

And presto, you’re good to go! You should now have access to your saves in the newest version of Absolution.

Discalimer : I always recommend keeping a backup of the old version for a little while just in case I make a mistake and saves aren’t actually compatible when I say they are. I don’t think that will ever happen, but it’s a good idea regardless.

Absolution takes place in the world of Aletheia, a world split in half by conflicts too old to remember. Today, the two sides of Aletheia reunite - in less than harmonious circumstances. Help Valentina Bolivar free her people from oppression and overcome her personal demons through a story that spans two continents and 7 countries. The road ahead is an arduous one, laden with inconvenient and painful truths. But still, you must fight onward towards absolution, and right the wrongs of millennium past!

This is my first foray into game development, so your feedback is very much appreciated! I am heavily invested in this game being the best it can possibly be! Thank you! (I also love seeing how people’s units turned out, so if you want to share that, please do!)

Implemented/In Progress Features:

  • An original story/scenario with original characters

  • Original music written specifically for the game. Check out the soundtrack here!

  • A simple yet robust class system

  • 2 - 3 range archers, 1 - 2 range crossbows, and a combination of Radiant Dawn-style and Fates-style knives

  • A variety of personal skills and combat arts (But nothing too crazy, I promise!)

  • A support system where every character gets at least 4 support options. Even the most side character of side characters get equal love!

Yet-to-be-implemented Features:

  • Unique enemy pallets based on faction.

  • Lore entries in the game’s library

  • Multiple difficulties. Normal is the intended default difficulty, but Hard is currently identical to Normal. Do not play on Lunatic if you want the intended experience.


Graphics Credits

Custom Item Sprites:

  • rainlash
  • FE7x Team
  • LordGlenn
  • LuckyStart
  • Zane
  • Valak
  • Zelix
  • Ereshgikal

Custom Class Cards

  • rainlash
  • Dei
  • MageKnight404
  • Melia
  • MeatOfJustice
  • FPzero
  • Shtick
  • Rasdel
  • DerTheVaporeon
  • Orihara_Saki
  • Kenpuhu

Custom Map Sprites

  • rainlash
  • dondon151
  • Agro
  • Melia
  • MeatOfJustice
  • FPzero
  • Shtick
  • Rasdel
  • DerTheVaporeon
  • Orihara_Saki
  • Kenpuhu
  • HyperGammeSpaces
  • Flasuban
  • Dellhonne
  • Snewping
  • Unknown
  • Ayr
  • Pikmin1211
  • Nuramon
  • N426

Custom WEXP Icons

  • LordGlenn

Custom Affinity Icons

  • LordGlenn

Custom Combat Animations

  • rainlash
  • AstraLunaSol
  • Dei
  • Fe7x Team
  • Keeks
  • Klokinator
  • MageKnight404
  • Temp
  • Nuramon
  • flasuban
  • DerTheVaporeon
  • Leo_link
  • Iscaneus
  • Mikey Seregon
  • Khrene Kleaver
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  • Alusq
  • GabrielKnight
  • Skitty
  • temp
  • Kao
  • Aurora
  • Orihara_Saki

Custom Spell Animations

  • Arch

Custom Tilesets and Tileset Palettes

  • Zoramine
  • feaw

Welcome to the community! Always nice to see new projects.


Looks like you’re making good use of the engine.


Cool to see more usage out of LT


Evelyn’s pretty jacked for a healer. Is there a reason for that?
Aside from that, this hack is one of the better-presented and better-looking hacks I’ve played (though this is my first encounter with LT, so I’m not sure if this is standard or not, if so, wow). Good stuff.

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Clerics promote into Crusaders, which get axes in addition to staves (they’re essentially war monks/clerics). Evelyn has good strength so she can utilize the new weapon type.
I’m glad you’re liking the presentation and look of the game! I hope you find the gameplay similarly enjoyable. Thanks for checking it out!

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Here’s a small little progress update for act 2!

Act 2 will feature approximately 10 chapters. The first of which, chapter 10, will be Absolution’s first defense map! Here’s a look at an early test:

Uh oh. Green ranges and enemy spies? That can only mean one thing…

Uh oh.

Like any good defense map, you’ll have to extend yourself if you want the best rewards.

Other than that, during act 2 you will finally recruit dancers and bards!

Wait. Dancers AND bards? But won’t they refresh train across the map!?

…among other new faces!
Mackenzie%20(transparent) Rhapsody%20(transparent) Tybalt%20(transparent)
Since school is starting up again, progress will be slow for the next several months. I’ll likely release act 2 in two parts so there isn’t such a long wait. Thanks to everyone who has played or taken an interest in the game!


Engine then the game.

Lmao. I had heard tell of such an engine, I just wasn’t expecting it to be so awkward. Like how did you pull off everything except for a rescue command to start? It is like an inventory slot but with a person and you got the swap and reposition commands down. Why is all disconnected? All the various data should just be in respective sheets where the var name is the utility, id and like a subheader. It makes everything easier to manage by a lot and you just open and close the header at the end of the method involved. It is not that bad though. I would just have a learn little bit more, but I could probably help. I only use a small set of commands really concisely and it accomplishes everything as is. Al you have to do is write all values needed to run the game, then write how they interact. Then just learn loops strings conditionals vars and a couple neat tricks. That is 95% of the code. Like 5 or 6 skills.

As for the game. It waivers from pretty good to ok. I like the very beginning. The back story was good, the enemies aren’t idiots and the plans have some kind of realism. Great traits. I like that the characters at the beginning died. Nice touches. Some of the dialogue is a little sub par but otherwise good. Strega is a bit too blatant and the exposition to give extra exact information kind of annoys me because doesn’t make the game deep. It is just this then that. The Japanese hid some really deep easter eggs is all I am saying. Genius level shit, everywhere and no one got any of them. You got to have a flow and leave some stuff to be said and others to be found out and the way it is presented is unnecessarily forward. I have got stuff to do so I have just been flying through it, I can do a whole review if you really want.

On an interesting I was digging through the code while I was bored and I am able to use rescue now. I didn’t alter any of the mechanics. Is the something other than aid > con?

Well I can spend the time to figure the rest of it out or I can just ask I suppose. How do I set Ojala’s AI prior to the fight? Her defense is high enough it doesn’t matter. It didn’t cost me anything to let her be surrounded which is cute. It seems insensible to waste a whole MC turn. Also how can I quickly add a generic unit directly to my control? Adding named units is fine or units to the other faction but I tried to add a generic to my team and it crashed. It is only chapter 2 but everything still seems so puny for a “veteran” run btw. But maybe it is just right. Yes I tried it with the normal team. Then I added Jeremy and Reese on two different pushes through it again. I might just buff all the units myself but the flank is the only potential fun atm and it is just 3 dudes. It doesn’t have to be Gheb levels but I did have fun with that. Js. I also changed a bunch of sprites out of boredom, I have to find the alpha layer RGB setting again. But most of it seems appropriately designed. It could have been made even more flexible and simple but now I see why some people were adverse but it still has the clear superiority in use and power I mentioned. Good work has been done.

I mean yes I see the AI setting just what is the exact id for follow me? It is simple Python so it is probably something that looks 99% percent like that but not exactly that and anyone who asks looks kind of stupid but I need to know.

Ooops. Must of missed something obvious. I got the generic dude without crashing the game. I think I got it mostly covered now.

I will just set the AI to 2. Seriously great job.

Hello, thanks for checking out the game! I appreciate the anaylsis of the code, but I didn’t create the Lex Talionis engine! Only the game, Absolution, is by me. The engine works quite well for me; because everything is separate, it makes it easier to understand and create for as a game maker. I appreciate the offer for help, but you’re asking the wrong person. Again, I didn’t make Lex Talionis.

I’ve never had anyone encounter issues with Rescue before. Rescuing is a bit different in this game than vanilla GBA. Mounted units cannot be rescued and also have reduced Aid. The rescue condition is still Aid >= Con, though. Who exactly did you try to rescue and who did you try rescuing them with?

I’m a little confused by your last reply. How did you add in Reese and Jeremy and convert generics? Did you activate debug mode or edit the level files themselves? If so, why? To answer your question, the id for “Follow Me” is a custom AI I made: “FollowValentina”. It follows a unit whose name matches the string ‘Valentina’.

As for the writing, thanks for the feedback! I’ll think about adding in more subtlety to the dialogue in the early chapters.

I’m glad you’re having fun playing with the engine and game files! But if you want to give a full review I would prefer if you played through Absolution as I intended, without doing any of that. Thanks again for taking a look!

Interesting the Rescue function is fine now. Idk what happened. I just read the format and appended the list of units. I didn’t swap anything. I tried to swap Ojala to my team and it just won’t let me. Not because I wanted the unit, I just wanted them out the way. FollowValentina got it. It is always something simple. Of course I will play the game as is, I did, I am just poking around.

Thank you for your time.

This looks promising. Any story that can make me care about what happens to its characters is a pretty good one. I’m especially wondering if a certain manipulative non-believer will eventually get his much-deserved comeuppance in the future.

Regarding the gameplay, the mechanics seem sound and everything appears to work as intended (though the pillar terrain being one tile below the pillar graphic continues to bother me a bit). The maps are fun, and I appreciate that some of them make me rush to get everything and win before I get overwhelmed.

Overall, this is a neat game and I hope to play it again in the future when it’s more complete. What’s finished now is around the same length as the base Lion Throne game, so it’s still worth playing.

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Just gave this a try. Got to chapter 5, and just finished the market stuff. The writing feels really natural. I love how Valentina and Gabe share the trait of skills based on low HP, how Trudy’s skill makes her abuse the hell out of the steel axe, the absolute silliness of 50% strength growth cleric, and the use of stationary enemies.

My only complaints are these.

  1. I was surprised at how quickly I could accidentally discard a weapon. iirc gba had an ‘are you sure’ screen for that similar to the one added to ‘end turn’ (which is also great), and it’d be well appreciated here as well.

  2. There is a market to get extra staves in chapter 2, and the game is not hard enough to require constant healing, but I didn’t buy a heal staff and entered chapter 4 with two staff uses. I’m a bit mixed here because I spammed the hell out of heals but with the combat utility it provides, I didn’t see a reason not to. Maybe have Ojala mention it when she gives you the 5K?

  3. Speaking of Chapter 4, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be, but it’s very easy to cheese. As long as you have Trudy, sending her and a few others to the northwest while chipping down the guys in the south with armor and archers was really easy, even without healing. It’s the weakest map in the game up to that point.

Good luck with School!

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Sorry I didn’t fix them last time. Next time, I promise. Maybe. If I remember. (Seriously though, I will) Thanks for playing through it again; I’m glad you liked it! (Also, I’ll comb through the text again for instances of it scrolling too fast; that’s on me)

I hope this didn’t lead to any unfortunate accidents! I’ll add this to list of QoL changes to make.

I’ll address this by having Ojala be more direct in telling you that items won’t be available for a while.

My intention for this map was that you could save Gabe and Bennett in one of two ways. You could either move northwest to take out the boss before the reinforcements finish them off (as you did with Trudy), OR kill the armors and archers to the south to rescue them directly. The idea was that there would be a trade-off between beating the chapter quickly or getting more experience and items. If you found it easy to do both of those things, I’ll try and make the chapter a bit tougher.

Thanks for the well wishes! I hope you find the rest of the game enjoyable.

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What’s this? A game in an underrated engine AND completely original soundtrack to go along with it? Mad respect my man. Very well done

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I was going to wait until I finished the beta to comment on other stuff but I found a pretty big (and funny) issue. It is a decent spoiler if you haven’t played the game.

When you gain access to the convoy list, you have access to the inventory of Val, alongside the presumably dead Jeremy, Cesar, and Rodney. I even have the Holy Dagger. Not sure that was intentional, I’ll try to continue as if I didn’t have their items.

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Thanks for the report! That definitely shouldn’t be happening. I’ve done some testing and the issue appears to be unique to casual mode.

In the near future, I’ll create a small update, v0.1.9.1, that will (hopefully) fix that issue among other small ones. I’ll also add a quick guide for transferring saves in Lex Talionis along with it, as old ones should be compatible with this update.

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So what is the current default difficulty, is it Normal? I picked Lunatic regardless, and I have to say the game’s quite tough. Not that I dislike it, on the contrary I welcome the challenge. However, if the current difficulty is Normal, I can’t wait to see the real Lunatic.

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