Let's Play: Mega Man BN3


right I was out all day
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And now a dungeon that functions like a Flash Man stage should, unlike Mega Man 2 hee hee


… wow just watched a video on that, that stage is garbo lol, from start to finish

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I wouldn’t say garbo, just like…ice blocks in the stage of a guy called “Flash Man”. What?

Anyways, I’m guessing you’re not going for a super-optimal folder for the first few bosses right?


Three episodes in and someone’s already plotting to kill a couple of 11-year-olds and a 6-year-old. Classic BN, alright.

Powerful image.


I’m just running in; if I get a bunch of chips with the same code and some PA’s, it’s out of luck lol

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speaking of PA’s…

Back at it again

Should have been BN3 Blue. I played it back in the day and I will never forget the fun times me and my friends had net battling each other.

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I considered blue because it’s probably the most definitive version, also PUNK

but I grew up with white, so white it shall beee

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No way. Blue’s only advantage is Punk. White’s shops and chip drops give you way better folder customization options. Did you know there’s a trade in Blue you actually can’t do because the chip the NPC wants is never dropped by viruses in that version, but in white it does drop?


Huh that’s an oversight, never knew that

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it continues

and more

and moreeeeeee

Who knew NetNavi TV show biz was serious business?

I have never seen this many poop sprites in an E10-rated game before and it’s honestly kind of unsettling. |D
Also lucky Lan doesn’t have a hat to steal or else MegaMan would be taking double damage somehow. (related: love NaviCust, such a great feature that I can’t believe it took them three games to put it in)

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back at it again with the baby boomers

Ok boomer.

This game is a treasure.


Literally the most ridiculous ways these virus’ find their end
Eaten alive, smashed into pieces, biting tongues, exploding from happiness
what won’t they do

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My rating for Mega Man Battle Network 3: 9.8/10

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