Let's Play Fire Emblem: Super Thracia 776 (Kaizo FE Hack!)

Raufei seems to be a king of earth dragons(地竜族) in this game.
She is in a higher position than Medeus and Proto.
In ch24, Ishtar followed her, because to solve the Proto curse on Julius.

Also, the dragon Forseti who gave power to Ced did not agree her.
Therefore, there is a conversation with Ced at the beginning of ch24.
Forseti, who helped Ced’s ancestors, uses his body to talk to Raufei.

Perhaps Raufei wanted to protect the Dragons as a royal family.
However, in order to delay the destruction, a large amount of humans must be slaughtered and eguil collected.
I think that Forseti and Divine Dragon Naga were against this method.
They accepted the destiny of destruction.
But Raufei was not.

However, while collecting a large amount of eguil, she may have been trapped in darkness like Nergal.
This part can only be observed from the various conversations.
I think how the scenario is interpreted depends on the reader.


A bit late, but I thought it best to give this wonderful playthrough a proper send off. I salute you for putting up with this hell for our entertainment.

Thanks! I always wanted to show off this mod but boy did it get even more hectic than I imagined it would.

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I think there’s a sequel in the works. Probably even more unfair than this.


what engine are they using

The same one as FE5.

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That’s G2R2, which is a finished mod, I believe by someone different than Super, but the Readme for the version I played did claim it to be a sequel to Super

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Is it as bullsh*t as ST, or way less/more?

I haven’t looked into G2R2 that much. I did see that Seliph is your main lord and Leif’s a green unit in the first chapter though.

EDIT: I suggest we spam the comments in the LP of it with “私は緑のユニットです” (“I’m a green unit!”)

How do I get access to that site in which you did the LP?

It’s probably around equal, but where it is bullshit is very different from where Super is bullshit. The two share ideas in a lot of places, but generally G2R2 is probably easier overall just because of two specific things, you get much better units in G2R2, and Super Thracia is much more poorly coded. I’d probably still recommend the easy mode version of Super you can find on the internet over G2R2 just because Super has more unique maps and I prefer Leif as a character to Seliph, but if you don’t want to feel like you’re cheating which you definitely will in the ST easy mode mod and want plausibly beatable FE Kaizo, G2R2 might be what your looking for *assuming your sanity was lost prior to playing

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Let’s Play Fire Emblem: G2R2 (Kaizo FE Hack!) when?

no don’t look at me I haven’t even finished a playthrough of regular Thracia yet


BREAKING: It turns out that Genealogy R2 is a Thracia hack that LITERALLY lets you REPOSITION UNIT START POSITIONS ON THE PREP SCREEN.

I am now mildly interested in just blindly LPing this one.

So where can I find this hack? Im curious to play this too tbh.

Went searching, found a RAR with a bunch of FE5 hacks including R2 and Super, seems to be an archive of FE5 stuff: https://ux.getuploader.com/FEkaizouwww/download/8

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PARDON. I didn’t know this when I played G2R2

Ahh thank you for finding it!

Oh no. Why. Why?! (It’s a menu patch)


Is there a way to be able to patch Super Thracia without the very specific “Number” required to have it patched?

It seems the link is dead, do you still have the patch or the rom somewhere?