Let's Play: Dream of Five

the highly anticipated heavyweight match is finally live

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I thought people would find the timer useful…


I can’t say I ever looked at those in depth, I just see time limit counter and assume it’s as it always is

Regardless this is jayson’s fault

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yeah meliza swapped with that uh
old astra tailtiu mug fiance/gf of enjolras/jolyon

we made her look

  • more related to fleur, as she should
  • not tailtiu anymore

banger job as usual, i like that i can tell they are related now


Gotta say, that was the most random thing that’s happened by far
Entertainment at its finest


we’re not finished yet


In regards to chapter 10 on why Fleurre wants Jolyon treated nice–since Meliza’s her sister she’s doing that for her

they actually have a good sibling relationship now unlike in the 2014 version

also please update to 0.1.2 patch since arcus mug is still missing parts of it and i updated kolbane (no design change just quality control)–but there’s also a couple of new story dialogue for some upcoming chapters as well


I thought I did update, unless there was another one; I’ll make sure to do that for the next video

and does this mean I have to stop being mean to fleurre…

that depends on how you find her in the rest of the text : )

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Therapy is a beautiful thing


caught up to ep 14 and 15
holy shit what even is your rena

that’s like a good +6 on str,

I won’t say what the ancient weapons do unless parr is chill with that but
it’s good to have as many as you can get for later

Annelise’s red bracket is meant to convey her speaking in her native language to herself and
speaking of her you picked the best time to update versions–we had to nerf her bulk a little bc she’s too strong but since you updated after her join you got to keep her old bases : D

Long Tingyu is Thyra’s Chinese name



and good I will push anna to the limit

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the path of the righteous man