Let's Blitz Exalted Legacy?

Hello everyone,

Basically, I am gauging interest in recruiting eventers to do a 48-hour weekend blitz to get a rough draft of Exalted Legacy. I think that what @circleseverywhere organized for the first ever blitz project is a true testament to the power of teamwork, and I’d like to implement a similar approach to completing this project. Although the first blitz was more free form, this is obviously a remake project with much of the design already sketched out. In a way that makes it easier, but the maps are not 1-to-1 ports so participants can still feel free to get creative with gameplay decisions.

What needs to be done?

A total of 25 chapters need to be evented in order to complete the project. The first 5 chapters are already complete. I’ve reserved 5 of the remaining chapters for myself to do as part of the blitz. That leaves a total of 20 chapters; 10 eventers taking 2 chapters each would be enough to pull this off. Maps will be provided. Participants can calls dibs on specific chapters if they’d like, first come first serve.

List of Blitz Chapters
  • FE11 Chapter 8
  • FE11 Chapter 9 - Zmr reserved
  • FE11 Chapter 10
  • FE11 Chapter 11 - Kirb reserved
  • FE11 Chapter 12
  • FE11 Chapter 12x
  • FE11 Chapter 13 - Kirb reserved
  • FE11 Chapter 14 - Zmr reserved
  • FE11 Chapter 15
  • FE11 Chapter 16
  • FE11 Chapter 17
  • FE11 Chapter 17x
  • FE11 Chapter 18 - Kirb reserved
  • FE11 Chapter 19
  • FE11 Chapter 20
  • FE11 Chapter 20x
  • FE11 Chapter 21 - Kirb reserved
  • FE11 Chapter 22
  • FE11 Chapter 24
  • FE11 Chapter 24x

After the blitz phase of development is complete, the project will enter a polishing and beta testing phase. Script will be added to the blitz chapters, the overall game balance will be worked on, unfinished sprites will be worked on, and any wizardry will be implemented. Then bada bing bada boom, the project will be complete.

I’m not quite sure when the blitz will take place, since I’m likely going to be very busy over the next few months starting a new job. Ideally I’d also like to have all of the maps completed before the blitz phase begins. We’d have to work out a time that’s best for everyone involved.

So, is anybody actually interested? LOL.


  • circleseverywhere
  • Zmr
  • Kirb
  • Tequila
  • StanH
  • darr
  • Ash
  • Mystic
  • snakey1
  • blofeld (maps only)
  • Alusq (maps only)

I can take a chapter been looking for a thing to do anyway

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I’m interesting in this, I’d be down for it when it starts. As of now if I had to do eventing with the skills I had right now I’d be able to do the basics at least, haven’t gotten the grasp of conditionals and such yet, but I’ll have a go.
Calling dibs on ch9 and ch14.

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Can i take 6 chapters like i did with vba

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I’ll take a chapter or 2 as well.

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I’d be willing to participate too

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Oh also it’ll be using FE8 as a base not FE7.

Also you can find images of the original maps with unit placements on the Fire Emblem: War of Dragons website.

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I’ll reserve ch13 and 21, 18, and three more(I’ll edit when i found them)
EDIT - Port warren

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I’d be good to do some chapters. I’m not particularly picky on which.

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I’m not interested in making events, but if you need maps…

edit: +music

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If Tiki’s join map isn’t reserved yet, I call that one

im not terribly experienced on this, but I wouldnt mind helping out with atleast the maps.

edit:i especially dont have much experince with fe8 hacking, so it would probably be best to stick to maps, but i wouldnt mind atleast trying a hand at making atleast one chapter…

I can do a bit of eventing if needed but only if this is going on after like, the 18th next month. Up until then, I’m likely busy.

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I can do a chapter if you need another eventer. I can also help out with maps if necessary.

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I’m interested in working on this. I don’t have a lot of experience with fe1, so it’s fine if you just assign me a chapter or two.

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Sadly, my FE1/3/11 knowledge only comes from FE11, so I wouldn’t be able to help, but I can beta, if testers are needed