Leadership Stars... how do they work?

Sorry for asking two questions in one day. I’m lost on how to edit Leadership Stars.

Past posts on this topic are sparse, and seem to suggest a patch is needed.

In FE8, Erika has 2 Leadership Stars. Seth has 1 Leadership Star. Some bosses have Leadership Stars, too.

In the FEBuilder Character Editor, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to reduce or add new Leadership Stars. I understand there’s a patch to edit the amount of hit / avoid each Leadership Star provides, but what if I just want to give every character 1 Leadership Star (do they even stack across characters?), or remove all Leadership Stars from the game?

So, yeah, what’s the deal with Leadership Stars and can I edit them on FEBuilder as it stands or do I need a specific patch?

Search in the Patch Menu for “Leadership,” there’s an editable list of how many stars a unit has.

Ah, I see it. That’s pretty simple. I’m thinking of cutting all stars from the game. How that effect balance? I’m assuming if you’re up against an enemy general with the same amount of stars as your lord, there’s no change. But for most maps (where your lord as 1 star but the enemy has none), your hit and avoid will drop by about 5ish points across the board.

Is that noticeable? I’m seriously considering removing them altogether.

Well, Leadership Stars aren’t that much of a big change. Doing something like adding the Fates ranged weapon triangle would have big implications, adding/removing leadership wouldn’t really. I don’t know how much you’ve changed the ROM from vanilla, but the Skillsystems defaults are more examples than an attempt to add to FE8. Only the first few bosses and early playable characters have stars by default. The only case I’d really think rebalancing would be in order is If you have a character like Saias (from FE5 with 10 stars) with many, many stars. You’d need to make “Saias” stronger if you took away stars in another way.

If you are bothered by “Lead” remaining on the stat screen you could do a custom build to remove it.

I don’t think FE8 has leadership stars, IIRC. If it does, are you sure you didn’t add it through some patch?

I’m using SkillSys - maybe that added the leadership stars?