Law of the Land (title work in progress)

Hallo this is my first Hack! (Heard this somewhere before…)

I finished the first of 2 Acts with 10 playable maps with a rudimentary story. I wanted to make a difficult romhack where you need to employ odd mechanics from the vanilla game.
Most maps are made to present a puzzle and for you to retry the maps until you find out the quirk. If you like to do challangerunns of vanilla games you probobly gonna have a good time with this.
The normal difficulty slightly takes the bite out of the maps and you maybe can learn 1 or 2 new mechanics of the gba Fire Emblem games.
The story takes place in the world of Genshin Impact at the time of the Archon War. I am looking for someone who can help me write a story/dialogue/supportconversations. If you got interest in those things PM me.
Tell me if you are interested to see more or in doing some playtesting.

-2 Difficulties
-Currently 14 playable Charaters (Ganyu + Zhongli + 12 new Charaters)
-Currently 11 Chapters
-small rebalancing


Looks fun