Landsknecht sprite

I wanted to ask if the landsknecht sprite is free to use/free to edit, and if so, who to credit when using it.
(frame for reference)

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Where did you find it?

I know @Tequila put it in FE Tower Defense. It’s in the game of his that I’m editing.

Beyond that, I don’t even know who made it. I was gonna ask Teq, so maybe he can let us all know ahead of time?

I don’t really remember where i got it from since I downloaded it some 2 years ago. Was looking through my docs and found foldenrs with lance, sword and unarmed frames and script. Sadly I don’t have the zip/rar file they were in. As to where I found them. I think I saw it in one of Mangs’ PMEs ant thought it looked cool.

It’s Alusq’s Landsknecht, I’m just gonna post what he said last time the question came up for if people can use it or not.


Thank you for the confirmation.

Im curious, how did you manage to find that?

I’m just gonna assume it comes from a Staff of Ages server

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Yes, it’s originally from Staff of Ages, and my stance on it remains the same. Go crazy!


Well that’s good because I vastly prefer this one over the other one we have. Not to say it isn’t bad, just a prefernce.

SoA people are kinda weird about this and for some reason didn’t make all the animations public. I donno why, really.

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