Koumal8's Item Icons

Hi, I’m Koumal8 and though I have some plans for a small hack I don’t have the time to learn buildfiles right now, so instead I thought I wanted to contribute something to the community and took up spriting weapon icons to start somewhere. These are free to use, I hope you like them and please give constructive criticism! More are on the way:

Swords from Iron to Silver + Iron Blade

01%20Iron%20Sword 02%20Steel%20Sword 03%20Silver%20Sword 04%20Iron%20Blade

Axes from Iron to Silver + ranged

06%20Iron%20Axe 07%20Steel%20Axe 08%20Silver%20Axe 14%20Hand%20Axe 15%20Tomahawk

Lances from Iron to Silver + ranged

09%20Iron%20Lance 10%20Steel%20Lance 11%20Silver%20Lance 12%20Javelin 13%20Spear

EDIT 19/04/2019: replaced icons with a set of properly formatted, ready-for-insertion ones; still don’t know how to handle color order during spriting process. Fixed pngs were acquired by importing the broken icons in FEBuilder, letting FEBuilder reconstruct the palette and then re-exporting the icons (should anyone else have this problem)
UPDATE 26/04/2019: added Spear, Hand Axe and Tomahawk


The palettes are not consistent, what tool are you using to make these? or is the palette perhaps being lost when uploading?

Keep in mind not only the colors, but also the order is important, in fact the order is more important than the colors, it’s the only thing that actually makes it into the game.

I’m just using Gimp. Palettes are fine on my hand, I tried inserting them with FEBuilder before posting and (aside from changing the light green background to purple as it was intended) they worked, mainly because I sprite them as another layer on top of the item icon sheet picking colors from the resource sheet obviously and then just copy and paste them in a new file. Palettes didn’t seem to be lost in uploading, at least in preview?

EDIT: I admit I do not know what you mean with the order of the colors

FEBuilder tries to fix up your images for you, so that’s why it worked, it’s nice that it can fix it but it’s still not good to upload them like this, imo.

The order is just what it means, the palette has an order to it, when you insert the image into the game you don’t insert each color for each pixel, you insert a list of “use color 2 here, use color 0 here” etc, for each pixel.

Here’s some random palette from a different game:
As you can see there is an order to the colors, there’s a first one and a last one, pretty obvious if you think about it, but it’s not something most people would think about when drawing.

I think it’s important to know how the GBA works and work with that in mind.

Can you point me to a tutorial or something so that I can fix them? Because months ago when I started I asked around for tutorials on icon spriting and I was told “there’s none lol get to spriting”. I guess I have to use usenti in some form?

I’m looking at the graphics as they’re included in the first post, and every single color matches up with the ones I’ve been using for over a decade, and I’ve never run into any problems with my icons not being insertable (and many of those were from before FEBuilder even existed). No colors are being changed (beyond the background, but that’s mostly irrelevant), so I don’t see why the order of the palette makes a difference right here.

This is old (holy crap, 8 years ago), but it should at least be a good starting point: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/25963-spriters-resource/&tab=comments#comment-1556410

(If I had an internet connection capable enough, I’d honestly do a brand new tutorial in video form and upload it, but I don’t, so we’re stuck with one I did when I still had that resource available in college.)

I already explained it, the colors themselves mean nothing, the order is what matters, go look at the data in any GBA game if you don’t think that’s the case.

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I fixed them, see op to know how; again, any constructive criticism is welcome!

I recommend taking a look at usenti, it’s free and it was made specifically to work with GBA graphics.

FEBuilder has a useful function to reorder disordered palettes for graphics such as item icons and class cards on insertion. You can just import and export and it’ll correct the palette order for you.

4 hours of train + laptop = weapon icons!
Spear: 13%20Spear pretty proud of this one, will have to see how those 3 pixels of red outline look in game

Hand Axe: 14%20Hand%20Axe I tried to take inspiration from the historical throwing axe of the Franks but its slight curvature of both shaft and blade is almost impossible to replicate in a 16x16 icon

Tomahawk: 15%20Tomahawk again I tried to replicate a real tomahawk (as shown on WIkipedia), would you say the handle is too flat?