Kasai Tensei : Cyber Margin (working title)

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Here’s something evil I have been cooking up lately; a fan crossover of Fire Emblem and Megami Tensei (+ other JRPGs) game, that isn’t TMS#FE.

Project Name : Kasai Tensei : Cyber Margin

Mixture Contents :
-> Two gameplay styles : Field style (Fire Emblem) and Dungeon style (Jrpgs).
-> The option to play each styles indivudually or together at the title screen, with three selectable
difficulty settings : Chilled (easy), mellow (normal) and heated (hard).
-> Two selectable sets of base stats & growth rates per character (One set done properly and one by D&D dice rolling style.)
-> Each characters will have separate Field Skills and Dungeon Skills, including Class and Personal ones.
-> Gameplay > storytelling.
-> Linear Fire Emblem game design.

Field Style Contents :
-> Permadeath.
-> Accuarcy : 1% to 99%.
-> A weapon type triangle (sharp, pointy & blunt) and a magical square (fire, water, earth & wind).
-> Field style performaces will be ranked.

Dungeon Style Contents :
->Dead units will be returning (for mercy sake), but won’t be available outside.
-) A “stay dead” mode might be available after beating the game for the first time.
-> A weapon type triangle (same as Field style) and an elemental octagon (the magical square and their “reaver” elements).
-> Elemental affinities exploitation gameplay Involved, allies and enemies equally.
-> Cannot level up or grind.
-) Unless the player is playing the game’s “dungeons only” mode.
–) “Died at the battlefield” units might be able to gain some levels.

And more…or less in the future.

Goal : The goal of this experimatal project is to do like in Persona “Gen.2” games (aka P3, P4 & P5) and Suikoden III; having two sepearte gameplay styles in one game and making them compliment with each other. This game is also a prototype-like attempt to make a gameplay oriented crossover of Megaten and Fire Emblem franchises, with some elements from other games.

So what do you guys think? Pretty insane, right? MUHAHAHAHA!

NEW INFO EDIT (11 nov 2018) : Speaking of characters’ levels. there is two things I need to address : One, the maximum will be Lv40 for this project (Lv20 max of both class tier). The other thing is ; if a unit is at between Lv21 and Lv40, he/she/it is a promoted tier 2 unit. Class promotion will be automatic after Lv20 and there will no promotion items. Well, maybe or maybe not.

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Sounds very ambitious, but I would love to where this goes. I wish you luck, and hopefully by next year’s FEE3 therewill be a public demo!

I will do my best, but I can’t promise it will be in FEE3 2k19 (if there will be one, next year). Still, thanks anyway. :smile:

What is this heresy?

MUHAHAHAHAHA! :smiling_imp:

Just something to attempt of preventing level grind abuse while keeping the pace of a Fire Emblem game. A problem with FE8, FE13, FE14B and FE2/15 and it is a problem I want to avoid having in my game. Since the units’ levels in Field and Dungeon style will be the same.

It’s understandable. I’m the type of person that would have three sages before ending chapter 1 in Gaiden simply because it’s possible. I’m also the type of person that does low level runs of Megaten games. I understand the not wanting the players to grind so much that it becomes easy.

Umm… Yeah, I totally do low level runs of Megami Tensei games! Ha ha. They are totally not merciless games of which the game developpers love to screw royally the players if they want and if they could get away with such cruelty. Nope, not at all! Ha ha ha.

In all seriousness, I will not be as merciless as them. I will not be overly merciful either, since after all, I am making a crossover of two difficult franchises.

Well, good luck with it. I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks! Also, new info edit.