Kardashian's Fire Emblem Streams

Hello everybody. My name is Kardashian (or Kard for short).

Usually I would stream on Mondays from 7pm GMT to 11pm GMT for various Fire Emblem content.

Please watch these streams if you are interested in watching me play and/or talk about Fire Emblem stuff. If you are satisfied with what you watch, maybe drop a follow or a sub as well.

This is the channel I do my streams on:
My Twitch account (kardashiana7)

I plan to play Shadow Dragon at 7pm BST next Monday (provided I get enough views!)

Thank you.



for a moment i thought the kardashian’s play fire emblem


Don’t worry. It’s just my name.


Twitch: tv/kardashiana7 [the colon is meant to be a dot, and no space]

Hello. Kardashian here, and I am going to stream tomorrow (Monday January 24th) at 7pm GMT to talk to my audience about Fire Emblem.

I hope you guys will be there, and lots of us will talk about the best use of each character.

Here is what I am going to cover:
FE7 Blazing Blade
FE8 Sacred Stones
FE9 Path of Radiance
FE10 Radiant Dawn
FE11 Shadow Dragon

Just those five, because I plan to appeal to the people who want an “older” Fire Emblem experience when they play. Path of Radiance is the only one of those five I have not played, but I know enough about it to talk about it.

Thank you.


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Hello Fire Emblem fans!

I’m about to go live! Talk to me about anything related to Fire Emblem 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11!

Go to twitch:tv/kardashiana7. (again Colon should be a dot)

Thank you


I will NOT be streaming tomorrow, because I have to organise my work schedule.

Thank you.


Quick question, will Kourtney or Khloe be making an appearance in future episodes?

Kourtney and Khloe are not Fire Emblem characters as far as I know, so they won’t make any appearances.

I do plan on doing some Top 10’s for Fire Emblem characters. Feel free to make suggestions as to what list(s) I should do and who I should put on each list.


Hello. I will not be doing any more Fire Emblem streams for a while, since I am taking a break from the FEU and SRPG servers until I get my life together.

Thank you.


No stream Monday January 14th either, but I have an idea. Why don’t you list your top 10 or top 10 worst Fire Emblem characters from ANY game between 7 and 16?


I will no longer be making streams. I have no reason to, and besides, I now have a job.

Thank you for watching the few streams I did make.

Kard (or Alex)

Kim K will be missed. Good luck with your new job

(All jokes, man. I wish you well)