Justice & Pride Gaiden: Clash in Estria

Reinforcements out of stairs is usually something that’s consistent no matter which game you’re playing.
Also, you do get a lategame valkyire with maxed MAG/SKL/SPD so unless you don’t have another healer, you aren’t missing much later on.

nah I meant that the troubadour went from one room to the next room suddenly when I went on the stairs, maybe you should tell the player about that, it could be the lord for another player and while that’d be a hilarious gameover…it still sucks

A new graphics update, featuring an actual title screen (!!!)

Are you coming back to hacking or is it old stuff that was nearly completion that you are updating?

i had issues with some of the stuff so i went to fix it lol


So is this a complete campaign?

Yes, it is complete from start to finish.