Just a dumb objective idea

a friend sent me this and i just needed to share: a map where you’re trying to “help” the enemy somehow.

You know that one dude who was trapped in a cave and like the whole town came to try to save him?

In essence, escorting or freeing the path of a large monster, while both avoiding aggro-ing it for long and either getting your own units killed, or killing it via counterattacks. Maybe even put in auto/green units that you have to rescue or bodyblock or place a map object in front of, somehow (maybe it’s locking gates from hordes of “allied soldiers?”). If you have a multiple team setup like Three Houses you could have enemies attack that monster instead, and you have to protect both it and yourself.

I don’t know how to do yellow unit shenanigans so I’ll think of something with green units.
What do you think? Does this sound dumb or doable?

There is a patch in Builder that allows you to make green units behave as third faction hostiles (a la 3H yellows) as long as a certain Temporary Flag is enabled, search “third allegiance” or similar and you should find it.

There’s also a patch that allows for a full-on fourth allegaince separate from blue, red, and green, but it’s incompatible with the SkillSystem.

As for the idea, it’s an interesting twist on the more common “protect/escort the allied NPC”, but having to avoid it killing itself on your units while also having to protect it from others could get annoying depending on how much movement range it has. I’d be interested to see where you go with it, but designing it will be tricky, and the question you’ll have to figure out as you work with it, depending on the direction you go, is “what function does the escort target being hostile serve as opposed to them being an ally?”

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I have something similar to this in my own hack.