Jewels of Power: Version 1.21 Now Live

Hello, been a while; it’s time for my semi-annual new project announcement: Jewels of Power

Although, unlike the past projects that I have left abandoned on the side of the road (cough fe6a cough), this project is actually mostly completed, so I plan to have part 2 released sometime in March and the entirety of part 3 done by this time next year (assuming I write all of the supports of course).





  • Portrait updates for Dindrane
  • Bugfixes for 1-1 and 1-2


  • Strength Magic Split implemented
  • Magic weapons added to both inventories and shops
  • New weapons have been made accessible
  • Ch9 now playable
  • Saves from previous versions are perfectly fine to be used here, the magic stat will be automatically added in for units

Version 1.21
If you have never played a tactile project, you will need these additional downloads.
Credits - Viewable in-game
At this time, there is no mobile release; hopefully in the future.

Background Info

This project has actually been in the books for about a year, I started messing with ideas and story off and on while doing FE6A. So, a lot of ideas I initially planned for FE6A ended up here (to preserve the FE6-ness of it). As a result, I have no plans to ever return to FE6 and Elibe again; sorry for those who were waiting for FE6A HM, hopefully this sates that interest.


What’s available right now?
The entirety of part 1 is now public. The game currently ends at Chapter 9, the start of the first route split. You can determine your route based on what boss you choose to defeat.
Is there hard mode?
Yes; all of the public chapters have hard mode available.
How many chapters are planned?
The game is set to end on chapter 23, with 4 gaiden chapters and 2 route splits. 47 available characters per route.
Are there any guides available?
Not at this time, but likely in the future I’ll bother writing one up. Any questions can be asked either here or in my discord server.
What kind of mechanic changes are here?
Critical hits deal x2 damage, while certain weapons do the standard x3 (think killer). All forms of magic have different effects attributed to them. Knives add damage based on the user’s Dexterity, crossbows deal fixed damage and increase attack speed based on the user’s Strength. Cavalry have Canter from Engage, Fliers can move again only non-attacking actions. Ballistae need a turn to reload. Anything else… idk, case by case basis.
Oh, and there’s a strength/magic split.
Any secrets I should be looking for?
Yeah there’s a secret chapter - 4x


Hopefully nothing breaks because I’ll be gone for a week lol

I’d like to give a shout-out to the playtesters in my server who put in overtime for all the nonsense I churn out; seriously thank you @Rubber @Bartz @GoudaGrabber @Chaz @Ryn @skitty


ay nice this is the first time i’m hearing about this project, so i look forward to more!


This is good. I wonder if this get to be a full hack next year or will we see a new one time will tell but for now lets see what we got


One part of me knows that one day Fractured Realm will be completed.
But also this project seems very interesting, I can’t wait to try it.


Another fantastic Tactile project with 10 chapters (one’s p secret, but come by the discord and I’ll tell you the secrets). Has an old-school Fire Emblem feel with the usual QoL from Tactile and more modern sensibilities. Difficulty curve is satisfying, makes you think tactically without being full of bullshit. Well written and very fun, with unique events and secrets, a few trainees, and cool lords. I’m very much looking forwards to more!


Jewels of Power cleared my skin and cured my halitosis. I can’t recommend it enough. Thanks, Jewels of Power!


Looks good, keep it up.

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Heya, been a decent amount of time since the release, so I guess I can post an update to the current version. As always, big thanks to my playtesters and others for pointing out bugs and errors to address.
Link will be in the first post.

Changelog V1 -> V1.1 -> V1.11

Ch6 Monk now drops their Heal staff
Myrmidon base stats have been edited (+1 Def, -1 Skl)
Hammer is now classified as a Smash weapon
Item icons, skill icons, and some face sprites have been updated
Descriptions for both weapons and icons have been updated (no more eliza unfortunately :frowning: )
UI is fully updated
Some interlude text has been retconned because I changed my mind about the story :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
4x Normal Mode has been adjusted (difficulty lowered)
Scripted battle at the end of the interlude actually has animations now! No idea how I didn’t notice that before the first release :person_facepalming:
Hard Mode stats for bosses actually exist now… (Ch8 and 8x were missing them for some reason)

@GoudaGrabber put their whole foot in the UI update as well as the new icons, I cannot understate this.

Now, for the new stuff!


It’s crazy how beautiful the portraits are in your project ! Congrats for the new release

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please let me know what you think of the ui and icons! i worked hard on them


I told myself I’d make a post a month and I’m doing a pretty good job of that clearly.

Nothing new for download, but a proposed release date for Act 2: May 1st
Act 2 will be chapters 9 through 16, including an interlude and a route split.

Additionally, @rurisk and I (well I’m there but he’s playing for the most part) are doing a let’s play on my channel (I’m not going to be posting when each episode drops, but the playlist is linked here and will be in the first post).

And the thing most people are here for: screenshots


it’s basically been a month, right?
serial hater of strength/magic splits has implemented a strength magic split, please hold your jeers

Thankfully @BwdYeti helped me not destroy save files so old ones will be converted automatically to the new system.

yes this was a good idea


i never specified WHICH may 1st, maybe it was May 1st 2000 and you all missed it

I’ll be back with a real post later i just figured i should mention this


ok I’m back with a real post

I decided to just release the Str/Mag split update along with the Ch9 (new) (Grab it in the first post)
Some text has been edited but the story isn’t any different (at least I don’t think I made any major changes?). However, a fair amount of new portraits have been added! Look for those!!!
There are a slew of new weapons (magic ones), and I would say that with the split, certain characters gained some viability (Brunhilda being a major benefactor as an example).

Oh, and you don’t need to restart your files; magic will automatically be added to your existing stats.


baby update, snuck it in there just now
i’ve also added a changelog (not sure why I didn’t have one before)