Ivaldi Rip Help?

I followed CT075’s advice and I tried to rip Ivaldi from FE8. However, while turning off layers, I missed some of the sparkles in the spell. I have tried removing layers and leaving certain ones on, but I cannot get the sparkles. :frowning: How can I get the sparkles? Also, can’t I get the script ripped somehow, since it is already in FE8?

They’re on a separate layer that you have to rip independently.


I already had a similar rip here sans the sparkles. Unfortunately you can’t rip a script, since the custom spell animations are written in a custom engine rather than the native method, which varies by spell.

So you have to script it all over again. Ok.

The accurate description is that class/character animations use a byte code instruction set to give commands to a processing engine while spell animations are simply threads (and thus all the directions to the hardware are machine code rather than a higher level byte code that is slightly more human readable - it’s literally the same case as comparing event code to assembly code, especially since the threads are in assembly code).

As a fun side note: FEditor Adv allows custom spells by creating a new processing engine (written painstakingly by me in assembly; Intelligent Systems got to use a higher level language like C or C++) that processes a byte code I designed which is similar to the one IS uses for class/character animations - not just because I couldn’t be assed to design something more efficient, but because it meant that I could reuse FEditor’s code for creating class animations to assist with the creation of spells,.and because FEditor’s CSAPS (custom spell animation processing system), the engine I wrote, literally hands the custom spell data over to the class animation engine that Intelligent Systems made for processing commands that had already existed.

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