Issue with Prologue Title

Alright so I can’t pin down exactly what may have caused this problem, but at some point during my hacking Sacred Stones with FEBuilder the Prologue chapter title stopped appearing on the title screen. I have the chapter title to text patch which has been working great until now. I’ve edited up to Chapter 5 and it seems that the chapter titles all appear normally with the exception of the prologue. I can confirm it was working before. For context I’ve recently changed the graphics for the difficulty, implemented the melee/magic fix, changed the helpers on the weapon level screen, and changed the support pairings in the game. I don’t see why any of these things would have affected the title screen, but maybe there is something I don’t know. If anyone would happen to know why this might be happening, I’d appreciate any advice.

Actually after further investigation I found that this title stopped working after I started working on changing the map for chapter 4.

I had the same problem with discord.
The cause was that it was “world map skirmishes”.
In “world map skirmishes”, the place name is displayed like “Adlas Plains” instead of the chapter title.
If you are using the “Convert Chapter Titles to Text” patch, this patch can not display the “world map skirmishes” place name.

You may be in the state of “world map skirmishes” because you moved to the world map incorrectly by MNCH command or movement to ch5x.

First of all, please check these.

Then, please delete “Convert Chapter Titles to Text” once and check if it is in the current place name.
(Do not save, as the purpose is to confirm the place name.)

If you do not know the cause, please send report7z.

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So when I disabled the patch the prologue title in game became Za’ha Woods. So I assume it must be the issue you described. How do I return it to reading the chapter name instead?

Oh nevermind I fixed the issue by replacing the world map skirmishes data in my rom with that of an original Sacred Stones rom. Thank you so much for the help; I really appreciate it.